Sandy Hook Massacre was a False Flag Hoax …Here is all of the proof


IT’S GOTTEN TO THE POINT where I need to put some of these thoughts down on paper

so I can look at them and figure out just what in the heck is going on right now. Of course I am talking about the Sandy Hook elementary school shootings, I am talking about the Colorado theater shootings, I’m talking about the FEMA camps and the ammo buys and the police state that we are slowly spiraling into. Nothing about the Sandy Hook killings makes any sense at all… If you haven’t been following this let me explain: 1) Children who were allegedly victims of the shooting have been seen still alive and have even had their pictures taken with Pres. Barrack Hussein Obama 2) Some of the parents (OK all of them) of the alleged victims who were interviewed aren’t really parents of victims but appear to be actors 3) First responders who arrived at school to assist with triage and treatment of the wounded were not allowed in the school …at all …ever…and sat idle in the parking lot 300 feet away from the door to the school and not directly in front of the school where they should’ve been. Why? While you’re thinking about that how bout that one…how about this one? 4) Other than the medical examiner who we will talk about in a second and some of the police nobody has really seen these children or the crime scene… Why? 5) Where is the video footage from the security cameras in front of the school? Why has it not been released or discussed? 6) Why haven’t we heard who the other two men seen running from the school are? One of them man was handcuffed and detained briefly and then allowed to sit in the front seat of a police car…. Even though he was dressed like the alleged killer; with camouflage pants and a black sweatshirt why don’t we know who this person is? And why was he let go? And what was he doing there? 7) What about the third man you can see running away very clearly in the video?8) how is it possible that there were federal agents at the school at the same time that the initial 911 call was made… Isn’t it customary for a crime to have been committed and called in before the police arrive? And why the feds? YES The Fed’s were there already before the school called 911??? 9) why were there so many interviews of fake people and families… Who are these people? Why are they at the scene of the tragedy pretending to be the immediate family of victims? These stories don’t add up …and I mean not even kind of!10) Robbie PARKER AND EMILIE PARKER- Check out this smiling and laughing father of one of the alleged victims named Emilie Parker…in this video you see her being hugged while mugging for a photo opp with Obama wearing the same dress.Very Creepy. . . I will tell you what else doesn’t make sense about this father: Robbie Parker. On the same exact day as the shootings; December 14, 2012, Mr. Parker, the mourning father who is consumed with grief over the death of his beautiful little daughter some how finds the energy and time to put up a Facebook page called the “Emilie Parker fund” where he actively solicits money from strangers… Weird huh? Two days later of course he is with Pres. Obama and a very much alive Emilie Parker for a photo op. What in the hell is going on? 11) Check out these happy parents who have clearly not been crying or mourning or having problems sleeping as they joke with Anderson Cooper. This is not how parents act when they lose a six-year-old daughter to a senseless tragedy and such a violent death it’s just not. Start this video at about 2 min. 30 seconds We are going to use this video over again so just click on the embedded links … 12) at the five-minute 25 second mark these parents who have been laughing and joking with Anderson Cooper about their daughter who was gunned down brutally start talking about Pres. Obama and the give him some of her artwork which ironically or not is the owl it appears on all of the illuminati swag… What are the odds? 13) there is no way a parent can tell the story that she tells at 8 min. and 10 seconds without crying. It just can’t happen. 14) at the 10 min. mark we get a new set of parents who are happier than the last set. These parents talk about their daughter as though she had passed away years before and not two days before… This is really creepy at the 11 min. 16 seconds Mark is some of the worst acting I’ve ever seen how is it possible for all of these families to cry without tears? These people look well rested and their eyes do not show the strain of mourning. Why? Her makeup shows no stains or signs of running. Check out this link … It’s a link to crisis actors who play these parts professionally or this link that will tell you that our government has done this type of training recently 15) Back to the shooter … Adam Lanza …what made this guy allegedly snap? How about something like this? the MK Ultra Project? The CIA’s use of mind control to create killers is a matter of historical record. MK-ULTRA was the code name for a covert, illegal CIA human research program, run by the Office of Scientific Intelligence that came to light in 1975 through investigations by the Church Committee, and by a presidential commission known as the Rockefeller Commission. 14-year CIA veteran Victor Marchetti insists that the program is ongoing and has not been abandoned. 16) The people who are subjected to this kind of deep hypnosis are given triggers to kill others and ultimately to kill themselves …Here comes the police scanner mystery where the order is given to Adam to kill himself …. His trigger…. Listen to this…. Turn it up loud. Do you hear very clearly where someone says to him: “end the life of Adam” 17) Finally …check out the Darren Brown Assassin where they did this 18) Add to all of this the fact that there is a very well established link between this shooting …the Colorado Theater shooting and the Grimm murders. 19) And last but certainly not least …the freak show medical examiner …check this guy out 20) And what about the principal of the school?? Dead or alive? UPDATES …. –MORE FAKE WITNESSES …HERE IS TEACHER KAITLYN ROIG …. ACTING! WHO CRIES WITHOUT TEARS? HOW MANY PEOPLE ARE GOING TO SAY THE EXACT SAME THING ‘MY HEART GOES OUT TO ALL OF THOSE WHO …LALALALA” Conspiracy or Coincidence? James Holmes and Adam Lanza ACTING!!! Sandy Hook massacre: Official story spins out of control… Obama Fake Crying Scientific Proof Conspiracy or Coincidence? James Holmes and Adam Lanza CT. COP on Sandy Hook Inconsistencies: “THINGS DON’T ADD UP” Beautiful Rant By Adam Curry About How Fake the Sandy Hook Shooting Is



January 6, 2013 · 10:31 am

17 responses to “Sandy Hook Massacre was a False Flag Hoax …Here is all of the proof

  1. Robert

    at the 4min 55sec. the mother? being interviewed all of a sudden started speaking with an accent and calls oboma a god -and the picture of the girl on the beach is photoshopped you see a leg in the sand and people dont dress like that at the beach this is so bizzare if this is true its time to go to ground

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  5. Roxy

    THis story has been freaking me out today! Nothing adds up, not one thing! The media went silent on the funerals after they showed us 1 childs coffin. I thot it would be non-stop for 2 weeks, nothing. no triage allowed inside the school? And the parents were ok with that? Really? If my kid were inside a shooting scene and I didn’t know where they were, I would force myself inside to get my child help. They weren’t allowed to ID their own kids? They just allowed their kids to possibly bleed to death, if injured? Didn’t try to get inside to get their kids to the Dr? What parent would allow that? Not one that I know! This story has so many holes in it, they are now calling it “Shady Hook”…this is insanity.

    • Roxy the theory of this hoax which holds the most water so far, is that none of the children listed as killed ever existed at all. If you think about it … it’s just Yury Tynyanov’s character, “Lieutenant Kijé” (who existed only on paper and in the minds of his creator), type of scenario.

      For example one of the girls allegedly killed in the massacre was a girl named Allison Wyatt … except the photo being used of her was actually a photo of a girl named “Lilly” that had been taken of her on August 14th, 2009 on her first day of kindergarten. Lilly did not attend Sandy Hook and didn’t live anywhere near Sandy Hook. This photo was posted to garner sympathy and “likes” and was succesful in getting over 187,000 likes before it was taken down. This photo that was being used on every major (and minor) news outlet on the planet, was one that had been felched from Lilly’s mothers flickr gallery.

      No one on the Sandy Hook end of this hoax said a word just assuming the girl was real and that someone else must know her or?? …There are others things like this that just don’t track with this thing being legitimate. Whoever perpetrated this tragic fraud is no doubt counting on the inherently short attention span of the American sheeple knowing the demands to be accountable for these inconsistencies will quickly fade …don’t let them do it … ask for the answers

      • Roxy

        It’s beginning to be harder and harder to believe anything that happens anymore. It’s like everything is fake now, life is a movie. Obama is the lead character in the feature! Everybody is an actor in life? So, nobody died? Adam Lanza & his mother didn’t die, didn’t exist? Are any of the “players” real? So far it seems to be live theater and we are the audience.

      • No Adam and his mother did exist and they did die.

      • Roxy

        If Adam DID die, he didn’t die by his own hand. My theory goes like this: She was CIA, her son was clearly scared of his own shadow, I have siblings with aspergers, they were never violent, they flee from that. Anyways, The mom was CIA, black ops shows up at her house, kills her(re: LIBOR)…the son goes into submission mode, they take him as a “hostage”, he is forced to wear the uniform etc…he does what he is told or “will be killed, like your mother!”. The real shooters bust into the school, in a town , well known for it’s Satanic activity…shoot it up, kill the kids and they run away, but only after shooting Adam in the head and leaving him behind as the fall guy. These men were stopped and held briefly, but have now disappeared. CIA don’t get arrested for killing ppl, thats their damn job! Big mistake they made, was leaving the gun in the car trunk, Adam only had handguns with him. He was the patsy, the fall guy. Much in the vein of Lee Harvey Oswald. Just a theory, but IF anybody even died, Adam didn’t shoot anybody. He was also a victim. No witnesses are left alive. THATS how the CIA does it.

      • There was an investigation started by a man named Mike Powers who is an ex US Naval Law Enforcement Officer, and an ex Army spook and the other investigators on his team who know what they are doing and know how to get any information they want and at this point in their investigation they aren’t even able to prove that Adam Lanza …the alleged shooter ever even existed!!! Here is an interview he just did on this where he talks about that and too many other inconsistencies to count

        Mike Powers Interview

      • Roxy

        My son sent me a post he found somewhere that states that Adam Lanza dropped out of sight in 2009, changed his name to Ryan and moved away. Thus, the Only son of his parents and very obviously still alive. If I find the link, I will include it in a comment, later. It seems quite logical. A news reporter discussed how there is nothing on Adam after 2009, he just fell off the face of the earth and nobody that knew him has seen him since then or prior. Interesting. Of course the media will never delve there.

  6. Ronnie

    This is so crazy.I don”t even know how to respond.You did a great job of putting this togeather.Is gun control that important to these people to something like this?

    • Yes it is …without our guns we are helpless to resist the coming police state that they intend to use to fill all of those FEMA Camps the government denied they were building until they were all done and reaedy to staff (like right now) …I mean think about it …our government builds 600 concentration camps on US soil…orders billions of rounds of hollow point ammo…enacts NDAA stripping away all of our constitutional rights and leaving who goes to prison up to the whim and caprice of naracissists like Obama et al and then can’t understand why no one believes he is coming for our guns …until now when he is coming after our guns

  7. Of course I am talking about the Sandy Hook elementary school shootings, I am talking about the Colorado theater shootings, I’m talking about the FEMA camps and the ammo buys and the police state that we are slowly spiraling into.

  8. Terrific work! That is the type of information that should be shared around the net. Shame on the search engines for no longer positioning this submit upper! Come on over and talk over with my site . Thank you =)

  9. It’s just another 911, I think the real tragedy is a kid getting blamed for something he did not do and shot in the head by these foreign federal reserve bankers, it’s like the move the GODFATHER but for real 1 person running through the woods police chase, another being held on the ground… I can comprehend a motive in Colorado, kids bullying other kids and some kid looses it, but there is no motive here…there is no motive in Aurora either, however the federal reserve charter is up, soon and riots are all over the united nations the tyrannical bankers and pharma corps do have a motive, and I am truly sick of this false flag media manipulation lies, in 911 over 950 volunteers died of toxic poison… what exactly was in their livers, that killed them and why did the media not tell us that over 10,000 people become sick and over 950 died after the event due to toxic substances that turned a building into dust…I am so happy people that were asleep are waking up.. and by the way check out chemtrails way worse then this billions will slowly die from this going on right NOW…GOD BLESS…

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