The Mind Conspirators, (Want to know the truth?) – by Nelson Hultberg

More and more Americans today are coming to understand the terrible truth about our Federal Government — that it seeks to dominate us as citizens, to mold us into a society of dutiful Stepford Wives totally beholden to the wishes of elite politicians, bureaucrats and bankers. Those who study history, independent of the public school system, understand that this state aggrandizement process has been under way for the past 100 years in America in one form or another, and that it is taking place because too many of our citizens sanction such dictatorial usurpation and actually work diligently for its implementation.

This process has resulted in the lion’s share of our earnings being annually confiscated by these governmental elites and then redistributed to despicable projects of waste and war to further their dream of world collectivism. It has led to the shocking debasement of our currency and an endless escalation in the cost of staying alive. It has brought about the degeneration of our economy from a robust engine of industry and personal self-reliance to an effete conglomeration of bloated consumers subsisting on financial gimmickry and debt addiction. As a result, America, once a proud land of muscular factories and productive people, has become a stuporous society of shopping malls and welfare crybabies.

Why this process is taking place is one of the most disheartening questions in all of history. What follows is an attempt to show why and how it is unfolding. There are other reasons as to “why and how” than the ones given here. Tyranny’s evolution is always a complex process with many forces coalescing to bring about freedom’s demise. This essay, however, is a look into the two most important of those forces — ideas and money.

A very popular and frightening science-fiction movie in 1956, called Invasion of the Body Snatchers, is an apt metaphor for what is taking place in our country. In the movie starring Dana Wynter and Kevin McCarthy, a network of aliens is slowly and secretly taking over the bodies of the citizens of a small town by use of mysterious cadaver-like “pods” that are left in their backyards and basements. Once transformed into an alien, each citizen then tries to recruit the rest of his family and friends. It’s absolutely chilling in its impact — one of the great science-fiction movies ever.

Today’s collectivists, working so assiduously to transform America, are like the aliens in that movie. They permeate our entire society and are after not our bodies, but the enslavement of our minds and souls. Ideological fallacies and moral inversions are the mysterious pods that these aliens leave in the cerebral backyards of our lives. They are aliens because they wish to destroy our system of natural liberty and limited government. And even though most of them believe what they are doing is right, they are far from innocent, for they have chosen to blank out on the horrendous ramifications of what they are doing.

Teaching a False Ideal

It begins in the school system. All modern authoritarian political movements have required recruitment of a disciplined, intellectual vanguard to proselytize the masses into accepting the authoritarian rule. This vanguard is recruited from the “best and brightest” minds of the nation involved. History shows how leading intellects of Europe used this strategy starting in the 1880’s and 1890’s to move Germany, Russia, and Italy into authoritarian political systems by the 1917-1930 period.

What history also shows is that the same thing has been going on in America for many decades, only on a more subtle level. The problem is that our media and our scholars lose their objectivity when analyzing their own political system and the ideas used to promote it. Thus, history’s lesson is ignored in order to further the recruitment of the American intelligentsia into promotion of collectivism.

Instead of being objective forums for the transmission of the values of civilization to the young, our colleges and universities have now become fervent breeding grounds for this statist recruitment process, in which the better students get swept up in the “false ideal” of collectivism. These better students then proceed out into the world to positions of intellectual, political and economic leadership, to proselytize the masses into this alleged ideal just as church missionaries used to go out into the world to spread the gospel. The difference being that the missionaries were spreading good, while today’s collectivists are pushing fallacies.

Such a vision very subtly conveys the notion that mankind is capable of achieving an egalitarian world where there will be no poverty, no disparity of wealth, no prejudice, no ignorance, no wars — in short a heaven on earth. The requisites for bringing about such a world are to eradicate the “dangerous workings” of the free-market through centralization of government power in Washington, and then eventually move to some form of world governing body. This is necessary because it is allegedly capitalism and man’s drive for profits that are responsible for the strife, wars and poverty from which the world suffers. Western civilization, having been built upon capitalism and profit, must be razed and replaced with a new civilization that will usher in this heaven on earth.

It is a powerful futuristic vision that is subtly instilled into callow minds who lack the necessary sophistication to resist. Being young and prone to idealism, they perceive “political centralization and a one-world government” to be an ideal just as the students in Marx’s day mistook his “dictatorship of the proletariat” as some sort of ideal. Thousands of highly intelligent students spring forth from this brainwash every year to enter the world and spread their newly learned convictions that capitalism and Western civilization are the “roots of all evil.”

These “best and brightest” of our youth advance over the years into prominent careers as teachers, journalists, publishers, movie directors, ministers, politicians, bankers, and businessmen — all the time working for and promoting the collectivization of our society. Yet they don’t see themselves as working for anything dictatorial. They think the political centralization and Keynesian economics taught to them by their mentors will cure the evils and inequities of the world. When they push for more centralized government, more taxes, more regulations, and more “liquidity injections” from the Fed, they are working for what they think will be a more benign civilization. They think they are working for an “ideal.”

As the great philosophers tell us, it is ideals that are the primary movers of men throughout history. Our tragedy is that we are educating one generation after another with “false ideals,” and the evidence that would expose the falsity of those ideals is not allowed a respectable place in our public schools due to those schools’ control by government bureaucracies and the statist viewpoint.

The New World Order….
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  1. With current population and economic levels, there is no rational alternative to socialism.

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