Who is Paul Ryan? Does a 42 y/o Congressman Have What it Takes to Swim With the Sharks? Watch him School Obama on Obamacare, then Decide

Rep. Paul Ryan is a man the liberals painted a target on and started calling stupid almost immediately after he showed up in Washington. Why? For the simple reason that they were afraid of him because he possesses the ability to figure out and then explain in a way that everyone can understand the ins and outs of even the most complex legislation. You know the type even if you don’t know much about him: He is the guy who is 3-4 moves ahead of everyone else and not afraid to speak up everytime he sees something that isn’t right. The best part about Rep. Ryan is whenever he engages the opposition in converation or debate, he has a knack for always knowing how to best articulate/defend his position and point out everything that’s wrong with yours. When he opens his mouth, you always know he is going to tell you the truth and let the chips fall where they may.   

When I heard he was going to be on the ticket with Romney in November, my first thought was dread, especially after seeing how the press had treated Governor Palin in 2008. After taking some time to vet him and review some of his legislation…any question I had about Rep. Ryan’s abilities and handle on the issues disappeared immediately. Here is a short you tube clip of Rep. Ryan schooling Barrachio on the true costs of Obamacare. Spend the next few minuteswatching this clip and then please feel free to post your comments and impressions etc, and tell me what you think!

Here is the video

Here is Paul Ryan tactfully explaining to Obama, and a packed room that




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2 responses to “Who is Paul Ryan? Does a 42 y/o Congressman Have What it Takes to Swim With the Sharks? Watch him School Obama on Obamacare, then Decide

  1. Excellent. This was a great vetting… He calls out the true bad points of Obama care. I am curious to know what other sources you used to vet him. I am very interested in seeing these. You work saves me a lot of time. I have a lot of respect for your stances and what is very important to me is morality. You have, from what I have seen a good moral standard and I respect that. Let the attacks begin… As a servant of our Lord we must expect the attacks. So be it. Morality does matter.

    I for one am not a fan in anyway of Romney. This is my opinion and not how I am going to vote. I want to make it clear to Romney that I am not going to Tolerate another rino with rino policy’s. I personally detest Romney. My vote will not be for Obama… Not not libertarian either.

    • The best way to get an instant flavor of a person is to check out the online progressive venues to see how they like him…they HATE this man and every once in a while you can find one of them who will actually tell you why (most just say “He’s evil!”, “He’s Stupid”, “He’s going to destroy medicare!” and other popular nonsense. THEN what I did was to go read about how his peers on the right side of the aisle (and issues) have to say. The results went like this:

      The progressives were 100% against this man because they were afraid that he would force the country to live within it’s means which means a significant reduction in entitlements

      Other conservatives were 100% in favor of the guy and all of them had a deep respect for his integrity and character.

      Thats about it

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