“If I haven’t been able to turn things around in 3 years I should be a 1 term President” BHO

3 years ago today this country sold it’s soul to the devil we call liberalism (and socialism) in America. 3 years ago President elect Obama stated that:

“If I haven’t been able to turn things around in 3 years I should be a 1 term President”

Congressman Allen West (R-Florida) was hot on this same topic when he published this weeks newsletter. He asked us all to consider the following questions…to make it easy I have supplied the answers along with links supporting each one that should be followed, read and acted upon. Here from Rep. West:

“On Friday we hit the magic “three year number” for the Obama Administration. By the President’s own words, he stated that if he had not turned things around in three years, he would be a one-term President. However, now he is asking America to give him four more years to fundamentally change America. 

I hope Americans ask some fundamental questions before making that decision (whether or not to re-elect Obama:

What was the National debt three years ago?

Answer: 6 trillion dollars less

• What was America’s global competitiveness standing?

Answer: On January 13 the Heritage Foundation and Wall Street Journal released their 2012 Index of Economic Freedom that, “measures economic freedom in 10 specific categories: labor freedom, business freedom, trade freedom, fiscal freedom, government spending, monetary freedom, investment freedom, financial freedom, property rights and freedom from corruption.” The U.S. was ranked at (#10), behind such nations as Hong Kong(#1), Switzerland(#5), Chile(#7) and Ireland at (#9). The U.S. finished just slightly above Denmark(#11)

Number of Big Three network stories devoted to that embarrassment for the Obama administration: 0. We are being lied to sheeple!

Click here for the source  

• How many more Americans are on the poverty rolls and on food stamps in the last three years? 1 in 4 Americans are now on food stamps

Answer: As of October 2011, the federal government reported that 46,224,722 persons were receiving food assistance payment (Food Stamps), down slightly from the record highs earlier in that year but still more than one out of every seven Americans (14.7% of the population).

Click here for the source  

• What have our deficits been the last three years?

Answer: Up 6 trillion dollars and rising fast

• What was the average price for gasoline three years ago?

Answer: Gas is up 83% Basic Hamburger up 24% Bacon 22% Breakfast cereal 76%


• What was the average price for health insurance premiums three years ago?

Answer: Health Insurance premiums are up 38% in the 3 years of Obama and the left

Click here for the source:

• What was the price of a gallon of milk or a carton of eggs three years ago?

Answer: 34% less

Click here for the source:

• How many Americans have lost their jobs or careers in the last three years?

Answer: Unemployment is over 15.6% …The Obama administration changed the definition of unemployed to now include people who work at least 1 hours per week and report (as a result) that unemployment is going down but still sits at a whopping 8.6%. Sadly there are currently 30 Jobs bills languishing in the Harry Reid and Democrat controlled Senate   Why?

Click here for the source

Hardworking American taxpayers and families are losing their economic freedom and individual sovereignty, which is the unmitigated truth.
When viewers watch the Big Three networks’ coverage of Obama’s State of the Union address, the question has to be asked: How many of these scandals and failures will they cover or cover up?

Tomorrow, President Obama will deliver his State of the Union address.  It is not too late for the President to work with the House of Representatives and develop a plan of action which will restore this great Republic and promote equality of opportunity, not equality of achievement.


Ron Paul 2012


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