“If men are this wicked with religion …what would they be like without it?”

The other day I found myself actively engaging in one of those arguments  no one ever wins…you know the kind where neither side is required to dig very deep into their quiver to locate their tried and true, ready-made, repertoire of ideologically processed and approved  talking points? No it wasn’t about abortion…. it was about a topic that (for me) is equally polarizing, and non negotiable: “Religion and the separation of church and state” Yup!

As I hunkered down to face down evil….one of the first mortars I readied for launch was the classic quote which says that… “Freedom of Religion, doesn’t mean Freedom from Religion” ….as it fired out of the launcher over into the ‘enemy’ camp I sat patiently waiting for the sound of the explosion so I could fine tune my launcher and get it ready for a more accurate shot on my next volley…. and much to my surprise ….heard nothing except the whistling sound of my mortar round being fired back at me.

“Bill’s” (not his real name…lol) comment back:

“Yes it does!”

My response:

“Really? When exactly did that occur? I know your idea isn’t enshrined in the Constitution, in fact prior to the great state of Rhode Island becoming the breeding (and inbreeding) ground for left wing nuttery, didn’t the citizens there draft a document called “the Charter of 1683” defining the worship of God as one of its fundamental values? Didn’t this Charter also eventually go on to become the basis of our very own Declaration of Independence?

Bill, it’s easier to rewrite history for people who aren’t already aware of it which is why the secular movement took its case into our schools back in the ‘free love’ and  ‘if it feels good do it’ 60’s. The reason history “has been modified to fit the left wing screen’… eliminating all religious references, is because you can only imagine how difficult it would be to reconcile the absolute laws of God found in the scriptures, in a school where our children our forced to read, and then celebrate books like: “Tommy has two dads, 6 chickens and a goat” or “Suzy’s Daddy used to be her Mommy”.

But more importantly: Doesn’t the Supreme Court building in D.C. proudly display the 10 Commandments and a statue of Moses for God’s sake?

Bills four word response:

“It does for now”


“OK …Which one of God’s Commandment’s do you find so disturbing?”


“Hanging in a government building …All of them”

Scary huh? … Why is it scary?


The famous American statesman Daniel Webster once said:

“Our ancestors established their system of government on morality and religious sentiment. Moral habits, they believed, cannot safely be trusted on any other foundation than religious principle, nor any government be secure which is not supported by moral habits”

 I refuse to let you derail this conversation by graying the distinction between black and white, and right and wrong by suggesting that our founders weren’t truly pious people…because that’s not the point is it? What is important is the value they placed on making sure that every single one of us is able to practice our own faith freely, publicly and without restriction… period! The 10 Commandments are in fact the cornerstone of all of our Constitutional rights.”

Let’s look at the 10 Commandments or the “Decalogue” for just a second:

“Other than the 1st Commandment which instructs the faithful: “Thou shalt have no other gods before me” which of the other 9 do you and your liberal friends find so objectionable? let’s review…is it:

Don’t steal?

Don’t covet thy neighbor’s wife?

Or his house (or his Ox) lol?

Don’t commit adultery?

Don’t bear false witness?

Don’t Kill?

Honour thy father and thy mother”

Stop me when you feel yourself becoming offended?

Benjamin Franklin said it best when he said:

“If men are this wicked with religion …what would they be like without it?”

After 50 years of the party of evil trying to force their bankrupt secular humanist ideas on us which reject God and elevate each person to the status of being their own god … my greatest fear is we are just now starting to find out.


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