For The Record…. All Blog Posts Contained Here are only my opinion and beliefs unless otherwise stated

Often times when writing about people who’s actions and comments I find to be detestable and repugnant I will ruffle a few feathers. Generally speaking the more narcissistic a person is …the thinner their skin. These people generally have no problem thinking they can maliciously say outlandish and factually inaccurate facts about others but are the first to paint themselves as a victim when someone else casually and without actual malice has the nerve to say what they have heard…read …or believe to be true. For instance:

When I say something like:

“I heard that …… so and so did or didn’t do something” then I am repeating a rumor I have heard and nothing more. There is no malice attached and the reason I qualify the statement by saying “I heard” is so that the reader knows that something is just a rumor.

When I say: ” I read that so and so did x or y …then I am simply repeating something that I read somewhere. Same thing applies

When I read a statement that according to my belief system I think is racist, or ethno insensitive…then I am stating what I think and nothing more. (besides how can you ever prove or disprove what only a person himself knows inside is true or not …) when I read where someone refers to someone else’s wife as a “flying Russian dildo” I interpret that to be an intolerant racist statement according to my own definition of what a racist thinks.

PLEASE NOTE: If I ever imply that something I was told, believe, or have read is true and subsequently I discover differently or something happens which causes me to change my opinion  …then rest assured I will post a correction like I am doing now. ADDITIONALLY, If you have specific knowledge that suggests that my beliefs or perceptions are not reasonable or true then by all means please let me know so I can correct the record. As I have stated numerous times … My only interest is to share my ideas and perceptions with other people and as such I call things like I see them…. While it’s true that I don’t suffer lightly, or patiently, idiots or assholes …I truly have  no personal malice towards anyone. (it’s part of being a devout Christian  🙂 hate the sin …love the sinner!)

CORRECTIONS AND CLARIFICATIONS: In the spirit of honest discourse I stated that I had read somewhere or heard that it took Bruce McCain 3 times to pass the Bar Exam…I have now been told that Bruce McCain did not need 3 tries as I had previously be been informed. The new information is that he passed the first time around … Nice going Bruce.  My apologies for any confusion.

In that same Blog post I have been advised to rephrase the statement:

“a man so insecure and personally offensive even his own relatives avoid him like grim death.”

to now read:

“a man so insecure and personally offensive even his own relatives SHOULD avoid him like grim death”

Similarly the statement:

“while collecting his public employees retirement” was a conclusion I reached after reading that Bruce retired after being a Deputy Sheriff for 25 yrs…certainly not an unreasonable conclusion. I have no specific information that confirms (or refutes) this ‘suspicion” either way …just so you know

The Statement:

“the people he used to work with cringe wondering what meaningless tripe will roll off of his tongue to embarrass them next”

is corrected to read:

“the people he used to work with NO DOUBT cringe wondering what meaningless tripe will roll off of his tongue to embarrass them next.” 

That was just an editorial hiccup and oversight

AND FINALLY THIS IMPORTANT ONE: The earlier belief I had that:

“he has been known to lie to judges to access the sealed and unsealed divorce records of people he thinks are his political enemies”

Well, after I published this belief …It came to my attention that he may have only accessed the unsealed divorce records of his intended target which are records which don’t require a judge’s order to see. According to my information  in order to access sealed divorce records, he would have had to get a judge’s order to allow him access …which would have required some very compelling reason …since “looking for dirt to use to smear someone you have targeted for smearing” does not meet the necessary legal thresh hold … it logically flowed that one would have  had to be fabricated which based upon my perceptions of this mans integrity … was not an unlikely scenario. While that was my opinion and belief at the time … and while he did publish pictures on the internet of this persons 4 yr old divorce file who’s character he was actively assaulting … AND since they weren’t my divorce records, and I wasn’t there … I want to make sure people know that my statement is now retracted… until I discover evidence to the contrary. This statement wasn’t said maliciously but only based upon information available to me at the time of what I believed to be true.  My apologies to Bruce and I Hope that clarifies what was said.

P.S. My statement  “No wonder I have heard that everyone in law enforcement who knows this man hates his guts” obviously the word ‘everyone’ is a figure of speech and for those who interpret statements like this to literally mean ‘everyone’ …give me a break … Let’s modify that statement to now read “there are some people in law enforcement who don’t like Mr. McCain which is consistent with the number of people outside of law enforcement who have no use for him either” 

If anyone knows of any other parts of this or any other post they feel is not true please let me know so I can consider your thoughts and act accordingly

Thanks for Reading …


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One response to “For The Record…. All Blog Posts Contained Here are only my opinion and beliefs unless otherwise stated

  1. John D

    I enjoy your sense of humor. If you ask me you are being far too gracious to these prevaricators. Your willingness to take the high road under the circumstances is laudable, you are a class act. As a Christian, I’d like to think I would be able to do the same thing if I were ever stalked and bullied by a crass, egomaniac, slap-dick like this Bruce McCain fellow. Dying to hear your take on Newt the Rake!

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