How I Came to Name this Blog…

Rather than endure the erroneous speculation that has been buzzing around I thought I would take just a second to explain how I named my blog. For those of you who have followed it for a while know it was initially called “The General’s Daughter” … a name which I was asked to change …not having any great ideas I borrowed the next name from the Bible and the “Gadarene Swine Fallacy” and named it “Gadarene Swine … condemning liberal ideas to perish in the bodies of swine” ..which I hated!

When I was trying to come up with something that did a better job of defining who I am and would also capture to essence of my blog a friend of mine at the time suggested “A Girl Who Knows Her Own Mind” which I liked.

What I know now is that apparently this saying had been an ongoing joke between him and a banker friend of his for years. Whenever he would call to get this banker friend (the credit manager) to approve auto financing for one of his customers he would ask him whether he was going to stick with the computers decision or whether it was true that he was a ‘girl who knew her own mind’ …very funny if you were there apparently. I thought the name did a clever job or describing who I was and what I hoped to write about. I hope this clears this up.



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3 responses to “How I Came to Name this Blog…

  1. No question in my mind and there never has been!
    You Rock! Even for the geezer class.

  2. Christian

    I like AGWKHOM – very Delphic of you. Why were you asked to change it from ‘the General’s Daughter?’

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