Ron Paul…Coming Together to Defeat Obama …and Can’t We Hate Romney After he is Elected?

I am a supporter of Dr. Ron Paul… I supported Dr. Paul in 2008 and I support him now. There is nothing I want more than for Congressman Paul to win the Republican nomination… it’s what I ask God for every day and it’s what I ask my friends and ‘friends’ to support every single day. I love that feisty courageous little man…I do.

I am also a realist and I know that the people making the decisions aren’t ever going to allow Ron “abolish the fed” Paul to get the international stage being the GOP nominee would give him. I plan on sticking to my Ron Paul guns (so to speak) until the fat lady sings…I will not be convinced he isn’t going to win the nomination because of anything I read in any of the Soros and Co. owned papers or on any of the Soros and Co. owned news venues of any kind.

Everyone has been telling us for a year that Romney is going to be the nominee (which really makes me mad in and of itself). As a conservative I have never been a huge fan of Romney … and that has carried forward to today…

“Hang on, let me check….Nope, sorry, still not a fan!”

As far as I am concerned the only place he has ever been considered a conservative has been in deeply blue Massachusetts; where everyone is: “left wing nuttier than squirrel dung” (Sort of like standing next to a fat girl at a beauty contest)

“Whoa look at how conservative Mitt looks standing next to Barney Frank”

Aside from not being a conservative Romney has a few other characteristics I am not thrilled with:

1) Romney-care
2) He’s Mormon
3) He doesn’t fire me up enough to be passionate about whether he wins or whether he loses

There isn’t much I can do about the first two except hope he keeps his word about rolling back out of Obamacare because if he doesn’t or worse yet, if he isn’t elected…then we will be stuck with it forever…because once people start getting the ‘free’ medical care its starts to spew forth in 2014 …they will be “pwned”,(not a typo) bought and paid for.

So far the Obama smear machine has been relatively quiet on the trash Romney front …don’t expect that to last once he is nominated …expect the Mormons are racists stories to appear everywhere overnight…jokes about Mormon underwear and the bloody history of Mormonism.. What I have decided to do is this … use the fact that he isn’t Obama as my rallying point to get excited about Romney once (and if) he becomes our nominee along with the fact that, without whoever the GOP nominates winning this country is in serious serious trouble…trouble that extends way beyond just Obamacare. What we need to do so we don’t blow it is stop attacking each other and our own guy …Whoever it turns out to be.

We need to start coming together not as much to support Romney or whoever we eventually nominate but against Obama and his Chicago style of socialism…his rollbacks of our freedoms, his anti business policies, his lying, his terrible justice department, his close ties to Wall Street …all of it … We can hate on Romney after he is elected …but for now the enemy is Obama …the enemy of freedom and the enemy of the American way …and we need to vote him out of office NO MATTER WHAT! NOTHING ELSE MATTERS!



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4 responses to “Ron Paul…Coming Together to Defeat Obama …and Can’t We Hate Romney After he is Elected?

  1. Christian Barltrop

    I like the logic but not the sentiment. You tried rallying behind the wrong candidtate last time and it wasn’t enough – just like it’s never enough to present an alternative that isn’t credible. At best Mitt looks like a kind of Kerry candidate – possibly plausible but deeply uninspiring establishment candidate – whom you woundn’t pick out of a ine-up as an obvious Republican. You need an untainted elder statesman to face down BHO and I don’t think that such a thing still exists in the GOP. Absent that, don’t just rally against BHO: you have to stand for something constructive. I’d forget the candidates altogether for now and just write a budget that will stop you being pwned by the bond mankets and pawned to China.

    • Not sure how much rallying McCain was the beneficiary of. But your point is well taken

      • Christian Barltrop

        It wasn’t actualy support for McCain that I was aiming at, but the half-baked Alaskan of infamous memory. The GOP needs to pick a centrist – or at laeast a candidate capable of appealing to centrists. You can argue ideology until the cows come home but electoral calculus does favour a majority (except in Florida) and you do need some of those floaters, even if you regard them as… floaters.

  2. shawn corrigan

    wow ,nice stuff. i am not as much a romney hater as you, i am more of a newt blaster. butt you are 100% right about ron paul. he has always voted with and for the constitution. he is in 2nd place in some pols. polls . he is the man. gold is money. we have been swindled by fiat currency manipulation, i hope you have gold. silver is even better.
    i told you that i think conservatives will lose. i still believe that. you said i was wrong. i hope i am. i still will fight my best fight. i am damn glad you are on my side. i am ready to fight hard. i have some big guns, i really dont know where to point them exactly, any advise?

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