Don’t Believe What You Aren’t Reading (But should be) – Ron Paul is in the Hunt!

One thing that makes Dr. Ron Paul so sexy and supportable in his run for the GOP nomination ….is the fact that he is so uniformly unsexy. There is absolutely nothing flashy, slick or rehearsed about this man …what he does possess, is the one thing none of the others can honestly claim: he is guided by a moral compass that has never been out for the bid to anyone throughout his entire political career. He possesses an agenda that has made him the butt of many jokes over the years, and ironically has the best track record for being right of anyone else in congress.

Most importantly his level of personal and professional integrity doesn’t allow for lying or sugarcoating the truth when there is nothing sweet about it. Despite the rock star greetings he gets from his supporters his speaking style is purely ‘park and bark’ and ‘stand and deliver’ but when he speaks you always can count on it being the unvarnished truth as he knows it. Secondly, you will never doubt that what he says comes straight from the heart with the type of authentic Texan passion that can’t be practiced, rehearsed, copied, or counterfeited. In fact what makes Paul standout from the crowd is the fact that he is so incredibly unpolished …think of the man who would wear brown shoes with every suit in his closet and you have Ron Paul

What I love about Dr. Paul the most is his status as the only candidate from either party who has correctly identified the problem that keeps America from moving forward …and he is the only candidate who has proposed the correct solution… Get rid of the Federal Reserve …take back control of our money … and just say no to the puppet masters who currently control “Barachio” and who have owned him long before he ran for president.

The real question is can he win? And the answer to that remains to be seen. The left doesn’t know what to do with him because the hallmark of his career has been honesty and integrity. His staunch anti war position, combined with his believability and a profound disappointment with who Obama turned out to be has the left nervous that he will bleed off the anti war vote which despite his inability to tell the truth or deliver on any of his campaign promises would otherwise go to Barachio. The other concern is Paul’s lack of what most people would call a coherent foreign policy and immigration stand. (me included, although my biggest concern is that he would quickly meet the same fate as the last two leaders who wanted to end the Fed and take control of our money back ….the brothers Kennedy: JFK and RFK.

In spite of the complete media blackout concerning Paul’s candidacy he still appears to be not only in the hunt but in the Top 3, especially through the first run of primaries starting with New Hampshire where Bloomberg has him running a distant 2nd to Romney to Iowa where he ios neck and neck to a few points back from Herman Cain.

NEW HAMPSHIRE- Bloomberg/Selzer 2012 New Hampshire GOP Primary Survey
• Romney – 40%
• Paul – 17% ****************
• Gingrich – 11%
• Cain – 8%
• Huntsman – 7%
• Perry – 3%
• Bachmann – 2%
• Santorum – 1%
• Undecided – 10%

IOWA – ISU/Gazette/KCRG Iowa 2012 Republican Caucus Survey 11/15/2011

• Herman Cain 24.5%
• Ron Paul 20.4% ********************
• Mitt Romney 16.3%
• Rick Perry 7.9%
• Michele Bachmann 7.6%
• Newt Gingrich 4.8%

Bloomberg/Selzer & Co. Iowa 2012 GOP Caucus Survey
• Herman Cain 20% [23%] (10%)
• Ron Paul 19% [12%] (7%) *******************
• Mitt Romney 18% [22%] (23%)
• Newt Gingrich 17% [7%] (7%)
• Rick Perry 7% [7%]
• Michele Bachmann 5% [8%] (22%)
• Rick Santorum 3% [5%] (4%)
• Jon Huntsman 1% [1%] (2%)

I firmly believe if the media would give him the same amount of face time they have given to lesser candidates like Rick Perry and Michelle Bachman and Paul’s message were able to reach as many Americans as Cains and Romney’s it would resonate well with the public and carry him through to the convention …If the GOP is doomed to nominate someone they aren’t all thrilled with then let’s at least make someone who exemplifies the word “statesman” and who isn’t already in the bag for the globalist agenda like Romney. I would rather go down swinging in feisty and honest Ron Paul’s corner than roll the dice with the author of Obamacare. Vote for Paul…better yet get involved and do something to advance his message and his candidacy… for everyone’s sake!



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3 responses to “Don’t Believe What You Aren’t Reading (But should be) – Ron Paul is in the Hunt!

  1. The media is interested in controversy, stupidity, cupidity and folly. If he wants that atention he has to court it by joining the ranks of the new seven dwarves of American politics. Remember – if you want to make it big in politics you have to think small,

  2. shawn corrigan

    ron paul is the only one who fully follows the constitution, bachman is next

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