Radical Disconnect – Minority Rule…..or ….Who Goosed the Moose!

I was sitting on an airplane all day today contemplating the source of all of the wrong thinking, and general lunacy floating around the universe today. Just when I had almost convinced myself that 1/2 of the world wasn’t nuttier than squirrel dung I clicked over to the beeryblog and read this very wonderfully written and nearly 100% fictionalized alternate reality some people live in.I encourage you to give it a quick read and report back here and tell me what you think then fair enough?

Radical Disconnect – Minority Rule
Posted on November 11, 2011 by beeryblog 7
by Diogenes ~
There is a fundamental divide in our politics that the current, brutal recession has exposed. It is not just a problem for liberals – it is a fundamental problem for the country. The majority voice has been silenced.
The decline of the middle-class and muting of its voice was largely concealed in the era of easy credit. We felt ok financially and because we felt ok we kept quiet. Quiet while corpo-criminals weakened democracy’s safeguards – from union participation to financial regulation. Not satisfied that we kept silent while they dismantled democracy, the wealth-class now rejects the credit it offered to secure our acquiescence. They want even that.
The economy is a wreck, we are all in pain and everyone wants to know what the hell happened. There’s no more pretending that everything is ok because we can run out and buy new Hummer, eat at a fancy restaurant or flip a house. In the halcyon days we felt first-class, but the real elite were quietly running the show. Now, they are unmasked as the One Percent.
The Republican Party has long been a minority party – the party of the One Percent – despite trumpeting itself as the “Silent Majority” and the “New Majority.” Nikita Kruschev, as I recall, once thought that the Democratic Party was the natural ruling party of America. He also said that the Democrats and the Republicans were a “pair of boots.” That may have been true at the time, but no longer. If one party is a boot, the other is a ball and chain, weighing down the entire body politic.
To put this in perspective, we need only look at disturbing trends – not only in the Republican philosophy of government – but in their political tactics. Deception, corruption and manipulation. It all famously coalesced with Richard Nixon and the Watergate break in. The ultimate dirty trick.

Since then, the Republican playbook has clearly been based on divide-and-conquer tactics. Fear-mongering, distrust and enmity toward the “other” is the order of the day. Damn the liberals, Democrats, immigrants, people of color, politically active women, NOW, ACORN, the Tri-lateral Commission, gun control advocates and on and on. All demonized and held up to scorn by a legion of talking heads from Rush Limbaugh and Michael Savage to Sean Hannity.
Resenting the perceived “liberal bias” of the old, Big 3 broadcasting networks, conservatives even created their own cable channel and turned it into a propaganda organ – one that only mistakenly features actual news. Dictionary.com defines propaganda thus:
1. information, ideas, or rumors deliberately spread widely to
help or harm a person, group, movement, institution, nation,etc.
2. the deliberate spreading of such information, rumors, etc.
3. the particular doctrines or principles propagated by an organization or movement.
The combination of Fox News and conservative talk radio has created a Republican echo chamber in which “facts” are transmitted only after they have been filtered and embellished by a host of talking heads. Almost always, these facts are lies, distortions or gross exaggerations. But then, propaganda does not require truth. It requires impact.
Propaganda, often originating at the Republican National Committee, is distributed in the form of talking points which become the text of right-wing radio and television shows and even opening statements at Republican debates.
The overseers of the Republican Party – the ultra rich and various whole industries from Wall Street and international oil to health care and pharmaceutical interests – pay vast sums of money to control information and manipulate the electorate. Wealth-class propaganda, when not being spouted directly but puppets, is disseminated in the form of campaign ads – particularly attack ads. An art form perfected by Lee Atwater and his nefarious acolyte, Karl Rove. Indeed, these ads reached their highest pitch in the shameful “Swift-boating campaign” against Senator Kerry.
How does the One Percent control the Republican Party – money and lots of it. Corrupting politicians by means of campaign contributions and promises of future riches is not confined to Republicans of course, but it is part of the conservative fabric. That fabric is stronger than ever in the age of the SuperPac – grand old political slush funds activated by anonymous donors. Thanks to the Citizens United case, decided by radical conservatives, we suffer under the destructive assertions that corporations are people and money is speech.
This year, the propaganda and money playbook is augmented by naked attempts to tilt the playing field by voter suppression measures aimed at likely Democratic voters. Whether these measures will survive constitutional challenge remains to be seen, but many state governments where Republicans run the show are giving it the old college try.
To this we add their stubborn obstruction in Congress where they have a majority. They are now truly the Party of No.
Republican tactics and innovations do nothing less than undermine and subvert our democracy. Their agenda is clear: Preserve, protect and advance the interests of the financial elite and large corporations. They champion minority interests and in a real democracy they would lose more than they’d win. They advocate minority rule – plutocracy. (CLICK HERE TO BE TRANSPORTED TO THE BEERYBLOG TO FINISH THIS POST – RECOMMENDED)



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2 responses to “Radical Disconnect – Minority Rule…..or ….Who Goosed the Moose!

  1. CEJ

    I was just checking in to see if there had been any new comments or posts while my man friend navigated us through traffic after watching a college football game (Stanford v Oregon) I was already slightly miffed with the outcome of the game and was relaying some of the things various commentors had said when he told me:

    “that’s why I try to never argue with the progressive mindset…and why you shouldn’t either …you would have more success standing on the beach yelling at the tide not to come in”

    “Why is that I wonder?”

    He said because progressives, even more so than liberals “have bought into ‘the big lie’ …hook line and sinker and there is no fact dispositive enough, and there is no argument compelling enough, to allow them to see the truth behind ‘the big lie’…he said

    “they completely ignore anything that doesn’t square with ‘the big lie’ because all of their arguments for all of their whiz bang gov’t programs and all of their income re-distributive ideas all require the big lie to be true. Imagine trying to start a class war with no rich people being vilified”

    Hmmmm he is right. Take this beautifully written post by Diogenes for example. When I read it thru the first time my jaw hit my desk in disbelief. I thought to myself “how can anyone believe this stuff …with the truth on these things so easy to access how is it possible to mis-quote reality so consistently and profoundly? Now I know …it’s because of the Big Lie.

    What is the big lie?

    The Big Lie is the belief that the GOP is the party of the rich. The Big lie is the GOP represents only the ‘wealth class”, the big big lie is that the GOP is in the pocket of Wall Street and Big Corporate America, the Big Lie is that all Fox news and Talk Radio report are lies (whenever I see someone say that they never bother to tell us all exactly what lies they are talking about or further attempting to provide any legitimacy to there barking) The Big lie is that the GOP is the overfunded political machine hell bent on instituting anti american ideologies on the unsuspecting citizenry…that they want to suppress the vote and kink the elections and that everytime they find themselves in the m,ajority it’s only because they managed to scare and confuse the electorate…and deverytime they vote according to the values and ideas their election to office was based upon then they are obstructionists and do nothings. But the heart and soul of the Big Lie (pablum for the unproductive class) is that the GOP is only about money and wall street and greed and corporatism which they use to corrupt and suibvert our way of life and values. Barf!

    If the GOP is the terminal minority why do over 41% of americans identify as conservatives (19% identify as liberals)
    If the GOP is the party who exists to serve its wall street masters then why does wall street give most of its money to the Democrats?
    If the GOP is responsible for the financial melt down then why does left wing billionaire nutter George Soros keep saying this: “World financial crisis was “stimulating” and “in a way, the culmination of my life’s work.”

    George Soros …fresh from enjoying the culminmation of his life’s work (wrecking the US economy he says) invests billions of dollars in Petrobas (Brazils big oil company) at the time this became his largest single position in any company … 3 months later US President Obama goes to Brazil and stimulates their economy and specifically Petrobas to the tune of 2 billion US tax dollars (in loan guarantees) so they can expand their offshore drilling shortly after Obama shut down all US Offshore drilling costing the US over 160,000 jobs. And the GOP is in the pocket of big oil and the wall street ultra rich…this is just 1 out of literally 100’s of examples of Obama propping up america’s competition in service to his wall street and international financial masters IT’S NOT THE GOP THEY OWN IT’S THE DEMOCRATS!

    When are common sense, and the facts based upon the reality we live in going to start to impact the leftys obsession with the Big Lie? Goldman Sachs is one of the biggest of the big players on wall street …there are no fewer than 24 top officials / czars/ cabinet members etc in the Obama adminstration … yet the GOP is the party controlled by Wall Street? Give me a break!

    Diogenes quotes Kruschev’s perception of who the ruling party of the US should be…thats not an endorsement to brag about, but he goes on to say: “The overseers of the Republican Party – the ultra rich and various whole industries from Wall Street and international oil to health care and pharmaceutical interests – pay vast sums of money to control information and manipulate the electorate” The only problem with that is it does NOT mesh well with reality “Of the 16 Big Wall Street firms who gave large sums of money during the 08 election 16 of them gave most of that money to Democrats!” Isn’t it amazing how facts always disprove what Liberals and progressives wish were true? In my earlier comment up thread I listed the richest 25 people in the US and only 2 of them are Republicans …thats reality. Thinking that the GOP is the party of the “ultra rich” …that’s Big Lie fantasy.

    He rightly complains about the corrupting influence of money in our elections ….the mistakenly tries to suggest that the GOP are the people guilty of using super pac money and big corporate money to buy elections. This is certainly consistent with the big lie but also at radical odds with reality . In the 08 election it was Obama who ‘changed his mind’ (aka he lied) when he agreed to stop raising money after the convention and accept the public finance money … The result was that Obama and the DNC spent almost 1 billion dollars buying the necvessary votes in the must win states to win the election… outspending the “party of wealth and wall street” by 3-400 million dollars!

    When you didn’t think it could shovel any faster we get this: “The One Percent and the party it rules has overreached and America is waking up. That overreach has produced the Occupy Movement which focuses on a prime symptom of the American malaise – gross mal-distribution of wealth” which according to the big lie is believable …but according to reality and the facts (and all of those emails and occupiers who went on the news to tell the world they were being paid $100 a day to be there) is just not so!

    And lastly this truly misleading and false claim: “It (the OWS ) has produced an awakening in Wisconsin where Republican radicals were unceremoniously evicted from the state senate. It has produced the results we saw in Ohio and Maine and all over the nation on Tuesday night.” Reality says that in Wisconsin the recall efforts which took place before OWS was a failure with 4 of the 6 people targeted for recall keeping their jobs and the GOP keeping their majority. There was no “producing results all over the nation” last tuesday …there was a vote on public employee unions in Ohio and thats it!

    I truly enjoy and envy his writing ability and I understand that the facts that refute every single justification which leads to his conclusions here will be ignored just as surely as if I had been writing in Japanese. To those of you on the left who think all of todays evils come to us from the GOP and the right I say … ‘physician …heal yourself”
    PS I will gladly supply links to prove any of the statments and facts above

  2. Good post,it is undoubtedly an outstanding contribution to mine

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