Why do people around Obama keep winding up Dead?

My personal suspicions about the alleged execution of Osama Bin laden and the susequent accidental deaths of those members of SEAL Team 6 who participated in the OBL operation caused me to remember some of the other suspicious deaths by murder of other people Obama was once very very close too. Strangely, all of these other people had one thing in common…they possessed information which could have derailed Obama’s Presidntial aspirations, namely Donald Young, Larry Bland and Nate Spencer all former gay lovers of Obama’s, all members of Trinity Church in Chicago, and within 1 month of eachother, when the Democratic convention was in full swing ….
All Dead!

I don’t believe in coincidence especially when it keeps recurring like a broken record … everyone who has been unlucky enough to have been in a position to know something about Obama that could effect his campaign or his presidency has the misfortune of winding up dead. There are the 3 ex gay lovers mentioned above:

There was his grandmother “Toots” who was resolute in her convictions and memory that BHO was born in Kenya… who couldn’t be silenced any other way.

Then there were those brave Navy SEALS (Team 6) who Obama knew possessed too much honor and integrity to allow themselves to stay silent about what really happened, or didn’t happen during the raid to execute OBL who had died almost 10 years before.

I guess we could call all of these coincidences: “Clinton Luck”…but only if our name was BHO.

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