Since We’re Screwed Anyway, I Have Some Suggestions

Since We’re Screwed Anyway, I Have Some Suggestions

So it seems the dollar’s days are numbered. With the latest numbers from around the reporting agencies, it can really only be a matter of time. Between the bailouts, Obamacare, and the government covering the shortcomings of Fannie and Freddie, the federal government should be broke by late next year (if not sooner). From everything I have read and seen, there’s really no way of stopping it unless we do something drastic right away. I have some ideas that may be able to help but, being as how I’m a realist and, there’s nothing more uncommon than common sense, I have a feeling we’re doomed for the fabled tubes (as in down the…).

First let’s talk about the (fictionalized) unemployment numbers. Does anybody even believe this garbage? Unemployment is down? Really? These guys need to put down their crack pipes and pick up their calculators. The only place I have seen anything resembling falling unemployment is in the reports themselves. First of all there’s a huge flaw (or shell game) in the way these numbers are figured. Like this gem; people whose benefits have run out are no longer counted. They must be high if they think just because someone’s benefits ran out they aren’t unemployed. And then there’s employment, and there’s underemployment which, naturally, isn’t calculated either. People with college degrees waiting tables, tending bar and flipping burgers is not what I call employment. I also read somewhere earlier this week that 700 people applied for one custodian job that payed $16 an hour with benefits somewhere in Ohio. And unemployment is falling? Have any of your friends or family looking for work actually found something in their skill set and pay grade? Precious few from my vantage point. As Sgt. Al Powell once said “Why don’t you wake up and smell what you’re shoveling!” I can’t believe anybody believes this crap!

Next up, the national printing press is going full bore. I have it from a reliable source that the printing press at the Bureau of Engraving and Printing is going nonstop. They only way they stop is when the machines break down. Two twelve hour shifts seven days a week. Sure they’ll tell you that they’re printing the new 100′s but that’s grade A bs. I also understand that none of the money being printed is staying within the borders of the US either. With the presses going nonstop and everything being shipped overseas before the ink is dry, there’s more going on than we’re being told. You can believe what you want, but with so much cash fleeing the nation, there’s no way we can stay afloat. On top of that I’m seeing in all the real numbers that inflation is starting to go north of 10% annually. 10%!!! For real? Inflation is a hidden, built in tax on the poor and unsuspecting people of this country; that’s bad enough. But 10% is out of hand… and growing. Let’s not forget hyperinflation is the last stage of any nation’s failing economy. Just ask the people of Zimbabwe.
And then there’s every welfare program from the career unemployed all the way up to the beneficiaries of corporate welfare. I know that everybody likes to complain about their rival across the aisle giving away money and porking up bills , but nobody has the right to do so. Not when everybody does it;Democrats give money away to the poor and Republicans give it away to the wealthy. And I hate that big oil and big pharma get anything at all when they already have so much. I have plenty to complain about with big pharma too. I reserve the right to complain about anybody that thinks drugging folks from the cradle to the grave is a good business model. Do these companies that make billions of dollars a year really need help in R&D? Oh sure it’s for the benefit of the nation, but when they actually come up with some life-saving wonder-drug, or a better, cheaper way of making energy, are they sharing the profits or passing along any kind of savings to the people that gave them the money to do the research? As if… It’s the same as all the bailouts as far as I’m concerned. Socialized losses, privatized profits.
At the same time we need to put people to work for two reasons; 1) To get the velocity of money going again and 2) to increase the tax base. I guess the morons in Congress didn’t understand that when you ship our jobs overseas, the tax money that came from those jobs goes away too. That much seems pretty simple to me.
With everybody trying to get their hands in and then out of the cookie jar with as much as possible, is there any doubt why the nation’s broke? I could literally list ill-spent money all day long, but let’s cut to the chase here. The battery on my laptop only lasts so long.
Here are some of my suggestions on how we could put a serious dent in the nation’s spending (in no particular order…MY NOTE …THIS LIST IS GREAT! CLICK THRU AND CHECK IT OUT!)

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