Cameron to Step Down, Recognize Rioters as Legitimate Government

Cameron to Step Down, Recognize Rioters as Legitimate Government?

UK rebels to be given own embassy as humanitarian intervention looms

Paul Joseph Watson

Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Given the fine example set in Libya, it follows that the rebels who expressed their grievances against the establishment last night by burning and looting half of London and other cities around the UK should swiftly be given their own embassy and declared the legitimate government of Great Britain and Northern Ireland.

David Cameron and the Queen need to relinquish power immediately now that their authority to rule has been so clearly and justifiably undermined.

The actions by police to disperse these rebels also amounts to an international war crime and mandates an immediate humanitarian intervention from the NATO powers.

If Cameron and the Queen fail to step down and recognize the rebels as the legitimate government, US warplanes are on standby to enforce a “no fly zone” over Great Britain.

Reports are also circulating that NATO could target the Prime Minister and his entire family for assassination if he refuses to vacate London.

The rebels who are attempting to liberate themselves from a corrupt regime by ransacking JD Sports clothing outlets should be be embraced, commended, and supported by the international community.


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