"Each death, each bomb assures NATO defeat"…"Barack, you lying demon…"

Can someone please explain to me again what we are doing in Libya? I won’t even waste my breath calling Obama a liar …we have already reached the point where there is no one left on this planet who thinks otherwise. Here is a emotion charged side of this war ,…that we are spending billions of dollars on that we aren’t really involved with anymore. Nice going Barrachio!

Each death, each bomb assures NATO defeat

Lisa Karpova , Pravda.Ru

Those associated with NATO, whether it be the demonic animals on top giving the orders or the mindless, video game junkie, cowardly, stinking, bastard pilots who actually carry out the orders, are truly stupid, I mean real geniuses.

Don’t they realize that the more people they kill, the more damage they do, the less likely they are to come out of this horror of their creation. the aggression against Libya, “saving face”??

If you count the massive war crimes they have committed against Libya, “saving face” is totally out of the question now. Having been defeated in Zlintan, in another act of obvious cowardly desperation, NATO trash and garbage bombed a children’s hospital, killing 50 children.

Now not only have they savagely and brutally murdered 50 innocent children, but they have also deprived how many countless other children of receiving needed medical care? Given their savage daily attacks on civilians, the number will be high.

There is no room, none at all, for the claims that they are doing what they are doing to “save civilian lives.” No one with half a brain was fooled by that at the outset, especially not anyone familar with their miserable track record.

Libyans are voting by the millions right now…going out in public demonstrations and demonstrating with their own physical bodies and well being, as well as the the physical bodies and well being of their loved ones, that they want their way of life to continue and they want their leader. CONT’D HERE


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