Sen. Marco Rubio Beat a Dead Horse Today …It’s Name Was John Kerry!

Confession: I shamelessly stole the title to this post from Aaron Gardner on RedState but wasn’t thrilled with the rest of his thoughts so I am not reposting them …there was nothing wrong with them…his analysis just didn’t go far enough in my opinion. What do I mean by that? Only to say that when Senator Rubio makes a speech like this calling out the Democrats and Harry Reid like he does and then politely allows a blow hard like John Kerry to ask a question / make a snide remark …only to demonstrate to the world that being intelligent is NOT a prerequisite for being a U.S. Senator.


The GOP sees Rubio as one of the next U.S. Presidents…or at least a qualified candidate who will make a run. He won’t be ready by 2012 …but, if Obama manages to win reelection expect Rubio to throw his hat into the ring to run in 2016. He is smart, he is eloquent, he appeals to regular people, he is a fighter and a junk yard dog on the campaign and money raising trail and he is a solid conservative from a state with lots of electoral college votes (Florida)

Back to the dead horse beating…lol. OK… Here is what Aaron Gardner posted on RedState…..

Posted by Aaron Gardner (Profile)

Saturday, July 30th at 5:56PM EDT

Sen. Marco Rubio [R-FL] took to the Senate floor for a 15 minute speech on the Debt Ceiling debate. Around 7 mins in Sen. John Kerry [D-NVA] thought he would try and debate him. Hilarity ensued.

“To the Senator from Massachusetts I would say that it is impossible to negotiate someone who doesn’t have a plan”
I will note the reaction of two of my friends.

First and observation by Moe via email, “And they wanted us to take Kerry seriously as a Presidential candidate.”

The second from Ben Howe, “The most impressive thing about Rubio vs Kerry is that Rubio didn’t fall asleep while Kerry was talking.”

Not much else to say really.

Aaron B. Gardner

P.S. If you want to see more like Sen. Rubio in the Senate in 2013 then you should probably consider sending a few dollars to the Senate Conservatives Fund while they still have some bit of worth. Ted Cruz and Josh Mandel would love to join Senators DeMint, Rubio, Lee, Paul, and Johnson. HERE IS A LINK TO READ THIS POST AT THE SOURCE


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