Our Elected Leaders Will Lie to Us as Long as we Allow them too

There is an ever widening gap today between what people are being told by their elected leaders and what is real. What matters in politics is what you can get the voters to believe, whether it bears any resemblance to reality or not, and politicians prefer to leave reality to others.

Unfortunately, the battle by our elected leaders to ‘fool all of the people all of the time’ has been enjoined by their errand boys and propaganda “tools” (and I do mean tools!) in the media. Real stories that conflict with the political spin of the day month or year are quashed and never reported…the quest is no longer for truth but for talking points that help manipulate the people and advance their unspoken agenda and narcissistic obsession with being re elected so they can continue to exercise their dominion over all of us.

Take the ongoing debate over whether to deal with our massive national debt by cutting spending, or whether instead to raise tax rates on “the rich,” over taxing the rich as an example: Real or talking points spin? Most of the people who are asked aren’t rich and would prefer that they ‘pay their fair share” so they won’t have too. The only problem with this spin …which currently accounts for every 3rd sentence Obama utters each day …is that it’s totally false. Conservatives are people who take the accumulated lessons of history and the human experience to heart when they formulate their beliefs… Anyone with even a passing interest in the history of what happens when the burden of paying for the social safety net etc for everyone else falls on the rich versus what history shows us happens when the responsibility is spread more evenly the rich are given tax cuts is routinely ignored for the pie in the sky fantasy world of the progressives who see the world as they would like it to be not as it is.

They are adamant in their refusal to not be confused with facts when their mind is already made up (or was made up for them). None of the things we are trying or that we face are unique to us at this moment in time but have faced our forefathers time and time again throughout our history. The most obvious example comes to us from the 80’s via Ronald Reagan who showed that you could slash tax rates…which will extract more revenue from the rich than we get during periods of high tax rates ….and increase the revenues flowing to the government in the final analysis. Since so many on the left decided long ago that no empirical evidence would ever change their mind about President Reagan’s legacy …let’s take another example from history…JFK and Calvin Coolidge. The numbers are indisputable. Under Coolidge the top marginal tax rate was over 70% …but when that top rate was dropped to 24% the “rich” contributed more actual revenue dollars to the government than they ever did when rates were 3x higher. The same thing happened after JFK cut taxes …and when RWR cut taxes … what good is history to us if we aren’t willing to look at it and learn everything we can from it instead of ignoring these inconvenient truths in favor of the politics of class envy and divisiveness?

When political ideology trumps common sense, reason and history sufficient proof should then exist that we are going in the wrong direction and being led by the wrong people. Not one day goes by that we aren’t treated to Obama jamming a sharp stick into the eye of history and the truth to create the turmoil necessary to manipulate and herd the sheeple. Until everyone wakes up and screw on their brain and fires it up to full speed and can strip away the unreal, manufactured lies they are being told …and choosing to believe everyday …and can open themselves up to the lessons of the trial and error of those who came before us we will never be able to pull out of the flat spin into slavery and oblivion we are currently in.



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