Liberal Lunacy and the Weirdness that is Oregon

The Weirdness that is Oregon

Don’t think that liberalism is a mental disease? Do you think that liberal lunacy is something that only happens to other people…in other states, and other cities? Think again. One thing about living in Oregon is the rest of the country takes a lot of its weirdness cues from us.

Consider some of the most consistently nonsensical and crazy acts that occur within Oregon’s borders and are accepted as normal every single day. From the perspective of someone who is fairly new to the area … Portland’s “keep Portland weird’ slogan does nothing more than serve as ‘cover’ for extreme acts of wackiness and lunacy. Oregonians wear their weirdness as a badge of honor.

Even comparatively more conservative Bend Oregon isn’t immune to random acts of bizarre thinking: consider that in July of 2010 they city decided to euthanize 109 Canada geese to keep them from overrunning their parks …what did the lunatic fringe do in response ? They held a memorial service and candle light vigil of course… (huh?)

When it comes to general year around weirdness Portland is harmlessly entertaining when compared to the militant enviro-craziness and mind numbing earth-muffin anarchy that passes as normal in Eugene. If you aren’t able to make it to the Eugene Country Fair which starts this week then consider some of these more extreme and noteworthy occurrences.

A couple of years ago 2 Eugene men filed an initiative proposal to restrict the repetitive use of the music used by the ice cream man to alert prospective customers to his presence.

Want to know where Portland got the idea for their nude bicycling protest? …Eugene

Around the same time, after sitting in a redwood tree for 2 years, tree hugger/sitter Julia “Butterfly’ Hill got down out of her tree long enough to give a speech at the U of O where she is heckled to tears by crowd members…./ for what? … They claimed she ‘sold out’ to a logging company? (Hello …she sat in a tree for 2 years!!)

How about the 20 lb Chinook salmon that was thrust into the face of Al Gores top environmental aide after her speech at U of O?

Or the self proclaimed ‘animal communicator’ from Eugene who channeled a one page communication from Keiko after he had been transported to Iceland …saying he was doing well and was very content with his freedom?

Or the award winning Planned Parenthood float entry into a Eugene parade that featured a sunglasses wearing character named “Joe Sperm”?

And those aren’t even the weird ones…..

How about the Eugene caller to Victor Boc’s radio show blaming the Seattle earthquakes in 01 on the overcutting of Old Growth forests…(sounds of birds chirping) )

In 2008 Eugene’s “State of the City” speech included an angry rap telling people to stop driving their cars and to stop shopping at Wal-Mart? (huh?_)

The bizarre couple from Eugene who appeared on the show ‘wife swap’ who admitted to not using toilet paper (to stop the killing of trees) and used their own urine to ‘moisten their compost piles (cuckoo!!) Truly ‘out there”!

On Mother’s Day the Eugene Weekly ran a column decrying the exploitation of female pigs, cows and chickens for only their reproductive qualities calling it a slap in the face of motherhood!

How about the mayor of Eugene who got into the holiday spirit by banning all xmas trees from public places… bizarre? Yup!

And the list goes on and on….


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