REP. FRANK WOLF AND THE “WOLF CLAUSE?” …Profiles in Leadership and Courage

(No Googling…I mean cheating!)

He is the 16 term Congressman from Virginia who wields a tremendous amount of juice which he directs by utilizing his abilities to

1. Always put the needs and goals and best interest of the ….wait for it ….USA first, second and last.
2. He is a man who doesn’t appear to back down from a fight and is more comfortable exercising his clout behind the scenes and outside the glare of the media
3. I haven’t read through his entire voting record …and for all I know he could have cast a plethora of votes that would send me spinning …but based upon the record I have looked at I really sort of doubt it.

When his name came to my attention and I started to browse through some of this mans work, I couldn’t help but take a few minutes to reflect upon the embarrassingly wide disparity between:

Rep. Wolf’s record, and the record of my Congressman: David Wu.  It is amazing how much impact one man can have when he enjoys the respect of peers. I am talking about meaningful accomplishments, and not the kind that require a tiger costume, a handful of Oxy’s and a few liters of vodka! The thought of Rep. Wu doing anything that required courage is laughable on it’s own ….but doing something requiring courage that was also pro-USA against Wu’s 2 billion Chinese friends in the CCP makes me laugh so hard I almost pee my pants!

Soooo, how did the people of Virginia get so lucky…while we got Wu-ewed?” (rhymes with (“screwed”)…simple…they elected the best person for the job instead of riding on a decade of gaming the system by giving every congressman a large enough slice of crazy Portland voters to ensure that we wouldn’t see any true statesmen emerging from Oregon until the next census. But I digress.

The reason I bring up Rep. Wolf now Because of the Incredible “Wolf Clause”

What was the ‘Wolf Clause?” …? Only a very gutsy, pro USA, sharp stick in the eye of my favorite people….(The Chinese) but just as importantly, it threw a big monkey wrench into the Obama administrations plans to do a “Bill Clinton” imitation…No not that! … (Ahemmm don’t forget that Barry has a history of having his cigar smoked with his partner in crime “Rahm” at the private gay club they belong too). No, I am talking instead about Obama’s plans to sell, (and transfer) highly classified defense and technology secrets to the Chinese. Specifically, by “cooperating with China in the areas of human space flight”…which would have constituted one of the largest yard sales of critical national secrets since Obama screwed over our oldest and most loyal friend and ally …Great Britain by giving all of their top secret nuclear weapons secrets to Russia…wow (Just the idea of his betrayal still takes my breath away!)

Consider this: Last week 2 Chinese reporters were supposed to be in attendance to watch the Space Shuttle Endeavour take off form Kennedy Space Center….but when they got to the gate to go in they were stopped and turned away! The paper they write for (Xinhua) was livid and indignant….why weren’t they allowed to be in the gallery that day? …”The Wolf Clause” – A clause written and inserted into an appropriations bill back in January of 2011 by Rep. Wolf.

The long and short of this clauses impact is this: … It prevents NASA and the White House’s Office of Science and Technology Policy (OSTP) from being able to access federal funds! Additionally they are not allowed to: develop, design, plan, promulgate, implement, or execute a bilateral policy of any kind to participate, collaborate, or coordinate bilaterally with China, or any Chinese owned company in anyway! (lol). The clause prevents NASA from hosting official Chinese visitors!

POP QUIZ: Do you think the Chinese might have been shocked with being told “No” after 3 years of watching spineless and unprincipled Obama cave in every single time he was given the chance?

Rep. Wolf has not been a fan of China any longer than I have (never). He is also the Chairman of the House Commerce, Justice, and Science appropriations subcommittee. In my anti China blog post earlier this month I was very careful to not bring up any of the obvious reasons I didn’t like/trust them that grace period has expired, and the list of reasons I don’t like China also include:

– State sanctioned human rights abuses
– Technology theft (duh)
– Cyber warfare against the USA…our government and numerous corporations

etc. etc. etc.

If China ever doubted Wolf‘s true feelings about them….chances are his testimony in front of the US-China Commission in May cleared that up when he told the commission that

“The U.S. had no business whatsoever cooperating with the PLA to help develop its space program” (hmmm I wonder where he stands on this?)

And as I stated in my earlier blog post on this topic…the People’s Liberation Army (PLA) is in charge of China’s space program and the only difference between China’s civil and military space programs is …ooops there is no real difference …none! Wolf went on to say that “to engage China increasingly in bilateral areas is not appropriate until we see some serious changes in China”


Needless to say …”O-baby” hates being told no more than any 2 year old you will ever hear of… and when he was told of the content of Rep. Wolf’s ‘clause” being added to the bill, he was reported to have thrown himself down on the floor of the oval office flailing about with arms and his legs screaming: …

”I am the real Captain Kirk …
“He is not the Captain …I am the Captain…You will do as I say!”


Obama took the badge off the now deceased ex sheriff and pinned it on himself and went all around the white house pointing at his badge and saying ..”I am the Sheriff …I am the Sheriff!”


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