The Federal Reserve today Lowered GDP, Raised Unemployment And Inflation Projections

The Federal Reserve today Lowered GDP, Raised Unemployment And Inflation Projections

Specifically, 2011 GDP was lowered from 3.2% to 2.8% even as it raised its average unemployment forecast from 8.6% to 8.8%.

Other than finally breathing some reality into their numbers. If inflation is “transitory” (like we have been told) and yet the projection rises isn’t this also Bernanke admitting the good ship USS Economy has no rudder …I am assuming that people don’t understand what this means or are too stupid to care and it makes me angry. Look up the word ‘Stagflation’ ….and just know that, “Stagflation” will turn out to be a very large understatement.

”Oh Cameron your a doomsday whiner…stagflation so what?”

So what? So what? How many times can you revise these numbers downward before you have zero credibility … but that’s not all. Remember when I said that it’s time to worry when NOTHING MAKES SENSE ANY MORE?

Hang with me here people:

Lower GDP + Higher inflation x Higher unemployment = Market Rally? … sure…why not.

How about this one:

GDP MINUS Government Checks to the Entitlement Class MINUS Transfer Payments (paid for by continuing to mortgage our future) = Barry’s Depression AND Deep Deep Weeds for J6P!

Actually, why not come clean by admitting the higher inflation numbers after all he knows all our pathetic elected leaders need to do is (once again) redefine the components of the CPI so you can all be hypnotized by watching the “new and improved inflation numbers” tick right back down! …”Nothing to see here …everybody go home …whoops!”

Seriously, what is this crap? Who still believes this trash? Who puts any faith in any of the numbers and serial revisions (downward) we keep getting?

Just for a second, forget the Bilderburg and Illuminati and all that “tinfoil” crappola (yeah right). I know it’s hard but stay focused with me for a second.

The Fed and it’s lapdogs in our government want people to stop paying attention because some actual, very real and increasing obvious shit storm is coming over the horizon. Not a damn thing they can do about it except turn off as many people as they can with lies, damned lies, and their shitty shifting statistics. Dazzled with footwork, people will go about their daily routine not noticing that real (not imaginary) shit has hit a real (not statistically neutered) fan.

And what else could they do? “Talk to Americans?” Just tell them what’s on the way, and who did it to them and why, and what it means to their retirements and cost of food and their cost of fuel? Oh yeah that would work out really well. The same drones and sheep who elected Barry as President? Those Americans? The answer should be nobody! But, they’re going to ramp up the markets anyway. Bet on it.

This is the final grab at wealth before the collapse. Be prepared to see seriously messed up stuff now. The last three years has “disaster management” written all over it. The train has left the track; give it until late Q2 but not far into 2012. Election year or not.

The US economy has already been mortally wounded. The only question now that remains is what do the death throes entail? Will it be France 1789? Will we become Soviet Moscow circa 1982 as the push to tyranny and one world gov’t continues unabated? Do we become “The Walton’s” over night? Post apocalyptic world of the Road Warrior? Weimar republic or Zimbabwe? Or do we swing slowly like Saddam Hussein with relatively mild but prolonged inflation and stagflation for the better part of a decade?

When we have QEIII stuffed down out throats you can plant me deeply in the Weimar/Zimbabwe camp (where I already have my lawn chair set up) …we have already monetized too much of our debt and in my opinion the coming crash is going to be biblical.


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