Here’s a reminder that the vast majority of Americans are amongst the most gullible people on the planet.

I found this gem over on PrisonPlanet …and I loved it!

Obama Get’s Massive 13 Point Bounce (Allegedly) From Contrived Bin Laden Raid! (Who said waterboarding was good for nothing!)

Paul Joseph Watson

Here’s a reminder that the vast majority of Americans are amongst the most gullible people on the planet. President Obama’s ability to pose as a “tough guy” over the contrived fable of the Bin Laden raid, allied with a return to simple-minded Bush-style terror fearmongering and helpful media spin on the economy, has enabled him to secure a massive 13 point bounce in approval ratings.

Meanwhile, although unemployment has risen to 9 per cent, while people on food stamps are at an all time record high, as house prices continue to plunge with 25% of all mortgages now underwater, and the dollar continues to sink, Americans have also bought the corporate media’s spin on the “improving” financial picture, with a majority now approving of Obama “stewardship” of the economy.

This turnaround in Obama’s job approval has no basis in reality whatsoever. It’s completely derived from the fact that the vast majority of Americans’ perceptions are based on nothing other than media brainwashing, White House PR stunts, and general ignorance borne of too much time spent obsessing about Dancing With the Stars and Justin Bieber.

A dumbed-down population that spends vastly more time watching TV soap operas that it does reading books or news, believing everything they see on the one eyed monster to be real, is why the White House can get away with releasing years old videos that purport to show recent footage of Bin Laden, along with images of an old man who vaguely resembles the terror bogeyman.

The fact that such propaganda is naive, cartoonish, and an insult to any thinking person’s intelligence actually helps the moronic masses absorb it better. This stuff isn’t aimed at us, it’s aimed at the kind of drooling idiots who celebrated the wanton slaughter in Iraq by purchasing large quantities of beer and pizza.

Having promulgated the myth that Obama himself was intimately involved in the Bin Laden raid, when in reality the White House had to stage photos of the president and his security staff as if they were reacting in real time to the siege, there’s now even an action figure out called “Rambama” of a ripped Obama wearing a Navy SEAL Team 6 skull shirt.

Even if you believe that the Bin Laden raid went down precisely as the White House said it did, after they flip-flopped on the narrative several times, the notion that Obama making the call to conduct the siege, after every president before him deliberately let Osama flee despite numerous opportunities to capture him, means Obama is now some kind of “tough guy” who can figuratively climb up buildings like King Kong and swat airplanes out of the sky is ludicrous.



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One response to “Here’s a reminder that the vast majority of Americans are amongst the most gullible people on the planet.

  1. I read some of your blog. It's a tired routine – liberals or conservatives throwing crap at each other. Both sides need to accept responsibility, quit bickering like children (that's what I see you doing here), and take a second to look around. You seem to be missing the forest for the trees – all of you. Shit. Go do something a little more useful instead of trying to get a rise out of people who obviously disagree with you. Boring.

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