The Dollar Arrives at it’s "Havenstein Moment" (and that’s not good)

Smoke And Mirrors!

Don’t Like a Term for Something? Just Change it’s Meaning.

At least that way you don’t have to lie about it!
When we want to know whether prices are going up or down where do we turn? To the Consumer Price Index (“CPI”) of course. Want to compare various price levels over numerous different time periods? Simple, just get the CPI numbers for those years and take a look. Too bad all of those numbers have been rendered almost meaningless by the government over the last 30 years. Specifically, it was the Bureau of Labor Statistics (“BLS”) who has altered the meaning of the CPI from being a statistic that measured the cost of living needed to maintain a constant standard of living and bastardized it to mean nothing of the sort. The CPI numbers we are quoted today are dramatically different than the ones we were quoted a few years ago. The government decided that we would be better off not knowing what the real numbers are so they took out things like gas and oil prices from the calculation along with other equally relevant price numbers.

My friend John Williams; a very smart man who writes a highly respected newsletter at took the time to crunch the recent numbers using the official 1980’s CPI methodologies and came up with an inflation number JUST FOR THE MONTH OF MARCH 2011, and concluded that prices rose 9.5% that month alone. Since 2004, Shadowstats has cleaned up what the government tells us the statistics say …injects his own special truth serum nd throws in some credibility and integrity and then tells his readers exactly the way things really are… Here is his insightful analysis of where things stand as we start the escalating run up to hyperinflation in this country.

This story is continued at the “Gold is Money” forum…


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