Where was Germany When it Was Time to Vote? Busy Having Chinese Food at the Kremlin!

Last week. …With all 3 rings of the Great Obama Deception, and Slight of Hand Circus in full swing, it may not have dawned on very many people how horribly we had been dissed by our old buddies …the Germans! Hard to believe I know… but while the rest of the trans-Atlantic alliance was busy voting in favor of the UN’s resolution authorizing the involvement in Libya …the Germans were taking ‘ball in hand’ and chose to ‘abstain’ from voting on the Resolution and, in effect, to side with Russia and China, alongside Brazil and India! To add some historical perspective. …This had never been done before since the founding of the Federal Republic of Germany in 1949. 52 years ago!

Call it whatever you want … I call it the political statement of the decade in US-German relations. I would also point out that it was a vote against the rest of the western alliance…i.e. France, England etc. Obama’s incompetent handling of Libya teaches a lesson about the importance of American leadership (or lack of it). Can we now add Germany to the list of the most isolated countries but more importantly …How can we ever trust Germany again, now that they have broadcast their preference for the likes of Russia, China, Brazil and Greece?

Just when you think you can start trusting the Germans again … they decide to forsake their allies on the world stage! This looks like more than just a worm in the apple!


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