"War President" Obama’s Deceptions about War

War President Obama’s Deceptions about War

He has the US Military in Libya bombing them into the dark ages (oh wait …never mind) calling it a “limited humanitarian intervention”, not war.

He bypassed congress before taking this aggressive action (he only had time to get in front of the UN)…something he claimed was inexcusable back when he was Barack Obama peace lover pandering to the left wing simps who believed him, sent their money to him and elected him (and incredibly …will probably vote for him again!)

He said he would close Gitmo… he lied

He said he was ‘signing an executive order that would close Gitmo forever… the order he signed that day didn’t say that.

He expanded the scope of the U.S. counter terrorism efforts to Pakistan and Yemen

He rejected congressional offers to openly debate a reauthorization of the war.

He ordered a 30,000-troop surge into Afghanistan — atop his earlier increase of 21,000 troops —

He vowed the escalation would end this July. But only minimal numbers of troops will come home this year, and his senior aides are talking about an indefinite stay by at least some U.S. forces after 2014.

Obama might want to hand off command responsibility to a different, multinational entity, in order to keep the scope of the U.S. commitment limited. He just has no plan in place to do it.

The concerted, open-ended multinational application of naval and air power to enforce a United Nations Security Council resolution authorizing “all necessary measures” to forcibly change the political behavior of a head of state — that’s something that Carl von Clausewitz would recognize in an instant. Call it smart, call it stupid, but please don’t call it anything besides war.

It doesn’t take a whole lot of wondering or google to understand why Obama wants to spin the Libya war as anything but a war and in doing so avoid telling the truth; He doesn’t want to rely on Congress to declare war which he would be required to do and should be required to do.

If Obama’s neoconservative globalist agenda is to conduct limited wars, he’s not doing it very well. And he’s certainly not coming clean to the public about what he’s doing. Somewhere, George W. Bush is having a cold beer and asking …”Do you miss me yet?”


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  1. I sure do miss GWB. I heard on talk radio yesterday, It is against our National security/or Military rulings that only the USA can be in charge of our US Military. To send our troops out to 'battle' and not under our command is not not legal and the upmost disgraceful act we could do for these fine brave soldiers. “` Leslie

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