Harry Reid: Dumber than Dirt and Still the Most Evil Man on the Planet

(He even wants to ban brothels!)

There is such a leadership vacuum in Washington I am not sure the country can survive it. The GOP freshly energized by their 61 Billion in cuts is now stymied by Harry Reid, and the US Senate, who have no plans to allow any cuts to pass while they have even a 2 vote edge. In a nation that runs a monthly deficit of over 238 billion …the 61 billion proposed by the house would seem like the tip of the iceberg…a no brainer for any politician who just witnessed the bloodbath of November for the spend happy left. I woke up this morning to read all about the latest efforts of the left the continue to drive the US economy off a cliff which lead me to conclude: Either Harry Reid doesn’t understand basic economics or is The Most Evil Man in the World!

I am thoroughly disgusted by the state of politics in the USA. I am aghast that even the most basic elements of right and wrong are lost on the lunatic left both nationally and especially in Oregon, where they want to extend a 17 million dollar break to the illegal aliens; who have no legal right to even be in this country …granting them in state tuition. Logically, isn’t that the equivalent of offering free drinks in all of the bars to 16 yr olds on St Paddy’s Day? Maybe not …but you get my point…right?

Harry Reid …the man who was incredibly re-elected after his tone-deaf praise of President Obama’s “non-Negro dialect,” who also showcased his remarkable bigotry with his Sermon on Race part deux, where he proclaimed: “I don’t know how anyone of Hispanic heritage could be a Republican” has the nerve to accuse others of bigotry with a straight face? This ass clown had the stones to state on national television that if it wasn’t for him …we would be in a worldwide depression” …Are you kidding me…This walking corpse is the reason we are in a depression and not likely to bounce anytime soon.

I really thought we had seen the last of this steaming liberal azzwipe last November…

Watching him on television this morning made it real clear that Reid is an old, mentally challenged man trying to sound thoughtful by reading, or citing from memory, talking points about a subject that is completely over his head. Every single shred of intuitive reasoning gets set to the side in order for the left to run this country further and further into the ditch … What is going on? Has the whole country lost its freaking mind?


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