Ronald Reagan – The Left Can’t Stop Lying About His Record Even at the 100 Yr. Mark.

I was born about 1/2 way through Ronald Reagans 8 year run in the White House. As a young libertarian/conservative female surrounded by left wingers through 6 years of university studies in the Bay Area (No not Coos Bay) I have listened to more than my share of mindless, senseless, stunningly ignorant progressive drivel …that’s for sure. What caught my attention from the early going was the special hate, and anger filled venom they reserved for their rants about Ronald Reagan. He was the target they saved their best manufactured outrage for, and after reading the recent newspapers and blogs, it’s clear that he still scares them, and haunts them from the grave.

This past week marked what would have been President Reagan’s 100th birthday. You would think after his death, and the passage of so many years, the left, and their handmaidens in the media, would have had the good breeding and manners to be able to allow this historical moment to pass without the need to distort his record, insult his personage, and rewrite a little bit more of our history. Not surpringly, and almost without exception, newspapers, and the talking heads of network news stations, chose to take the low road. Rather than take this opportunity to compliment him and thank him for his years of leadership and service to this country. From Jacob Heilbrunn; the LA Times columnist; who’s column was reprinted in the Sunday Oregonian who went so far as too suggest that of all of the leaders we have today the one who was most like Reagan politically was socialist, US apologist Barrack Obama. (No I am not kidding) He wrote:

“It may well be that Obama is much closer to the Gipper’s true spirit than those seeking to burnish his posthumous reputation.”


Our own columnist; David Sarasohn didn’t think that devoting just one of his installmentsn of left wing lunacy was sufficient, so he went after Reagan’s legacy in two consecutive columns. Offering up what he called “a decidedly new view of Reagan’s 100th” and followed it up with “Time to live up to Reagan’s Social Security Deal” two days later.; a.k.a. “40 angry progressives, left of the left in Oregon” was too busy railing against the mere suggestion that we pass a law that would keep taxpayers from paying the bill everytime a woman decided she wanted to kill her own child. Carla Axtman demonstrated her own stunning ignorance of the proposed law by harping that making women take financial responsibility for the abortions they have due to their own irresponsible reproductive decisions was tantamount to “standing between a woman and her Dr.” Both Wyden and Merkely were equally lost on the issue; all unwilling or incapable of believing that most of us don’t want our tax dollars being spent to kill children regardless of who’s they are…all of this but NO mention of the Gipper.

Here is one of the better treatments of the Reagan legacy and a good explanation of why the left still fears Reagan

…even from the grave.



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2 responses to “Ronald Reagan – The Left Can’t Stop Lying About His Record Even at the 100 Yr. Mark.

  1. Great comments Ma'am! There seems to be no end to the left's stupidy and venom for anyone that disagrees with their, what I call, 3rd grade thoughts! Please keep up the good fight Cameron! A fan in Tigard!!

  2. And I apologize, I picked anonymous since I do not have any current online accounts! Sincerely, Kent Robinsonp.s. – nothing anonymous about that!;o}

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