Why are the Democrats and Kate Brown trying to make changes to our election laws that don’t make sense?

Here is an interesting post from Isaac Laquedem’s Blog talking about some of the troubling things that have been discovered during recent inquiries into the 2010 midterm elections. Of those issues, clearly the worst has been the discovery of 30-50,000 blank ballots in Mulnomah county which were left over and sitting in boxes in some backroom over 1 month after the election. Oregon law is very clear on this issue and requires that any unused ballots be destroyed the second the polls close at 8pm.

The legislature put that language into the statutes for very specific reason(s) …all of which are good. The existence of blank ballots after the voting has ended allows for the integrity of the results to be questioned as it gives the appearance that they are being held on standby in case the wrong person is going to win. Whether those ballots are used to ‘fix’ an election or not, why should the elections office want to allow for the possibility? The person to ask appears to be Kate Brown, Oregon Secretary of State, who has tried, not once… but twice now to have that part of the statute stricken. My thinking here is simple: If the legislature put the language in the statute, and the reasons for it are good, and with no compelling argument as to why the law should be changed, then it should be left alone.

Generally when an election law is broken, someone gets prosecuted and/or reprimanded, and/or fired, or all of the above…in this case none of those things have happened…why? What has happened instead, is the democrats; who have a long and storied history of election fraud to draw upon, are trying to change the law… huh? Here is Isaac’s story on this issue that we need to make ourselves heard on…

This is a very important issue that everyone needs to pick up the phone and call someone on. The questin I keep flailing around trying to find an answer for is this: Why would anyone want to go to the trouble of taking the safeguards out of a law that protects the integrity of our elections if they didn’t have some reason for doing it? Here is Isaac’s article on this same issue:

Multnomah County flouts ORS 254.483, and Kate Brown steps in to get the county off the hook

ORS 254.483 is an obscure bit of Oregon’s elections law. It requires county clerks to destroy all unused ballots promptly after 8:00 p.m. on election day, to provide for the security of unused ballots, and to account for all unused ballots. The purpose for destroying unused ballots promptly when voting closes is straightforward: if all the unused ballots are destroyed, then they can’t be used by fraudulent voters after the election closes.

Multnomah County, apparently, doesn’t obey this portion of the law — stacks of unused ballots were filmed in the county’s election headquarters two weeks after election day — and that may be the reason for introducing House Bill 2256 in this session of the Oregon legislature. CONT”D HERE AT THE SOURCE


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