Allen Alley unamimously elected to chair Oregon Republican Party

Allen Alley unamimously elected to chair Oregon Republican Party by In the news Sunday, January 23. 2011

Oregon Republican Party

Clackamas, Ore. – In a strong showing of Party unity, members of the Oregon Republican State Central Committee (ORP) unanimously selected Allen Alley of Lake Oswego to chair the ORP at its biennial Organizational Meeting on Saturday.

“The ORP has in years past seen hotly contested elections for State Chairman. Not this year. Republicans are united in support of Allen Alley and moving into the Presidential election cycle with unity and purpose,” outgoing Oregon Republican Party Chairman Bob Tiernan said today. “Allen’s leadership style has done much to unify the Party. I can’t remember when a candidate has attracted such broad support, especially in an open seat election.”
Chairman Alley was a Republican candidate for Governor in the 2010 Primary and was elected as the Republican nominee for State Treasurer in 2008. He has an extensive business background in multiple disciplines from engineering to marketing, venture capital, entrepreneurship, and public service.

As he was elected Chairman, Allen Alley said: “Oregon has every advantage imaginable. Yet, we are among the leaders on several lists you don’t want to lead: unemployment, hunger, homelessness. As the Chairman of our great Republican Party, I will rely on our shared values of entrepreneurship, private sector job growth, personal freedom and responsibility, and accountable government to solve these issues.”



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