The Liberal Fascination with Other People’s Money and Other People’s Greed!

Is anyone else tired of reading one crackpot liberal after another quoting one meaningless statistic or another about the existence, growth, widening, unfairness or immoral ‘income gap’. Do these ‘deep thinkers’ really believe that this latest campaign against societies most productive members is their “foot in the door” and ‘rallying point’ for more wealth redistributive governmental policies and intrusions? Tired of this one yet?
I am!
Is anyone else also tired of listening to the endless litany of tired and worn out tripe about the evils of greed? It doesn’t even matter what type: personal greed, or corporate greed, we are quickly devolving into a sort of recursive liberal induced hell in this country where everyone is either a racist or greedy or if you are truly loathsome …both. You know what?

Me too.
I am also tired of reading everyone else’s need to comment and whine and call for ‘government action’ to “put a halt’ to my ability to see, or do, or read, or listen to, or watch, whatever I choose. (Wow, that’s more punctuation than I have put into one sentence in 25 years) Have you ever wondered why liberals feel the constant need to micromanage what everyone else does? What is motivating these people? It reminds me of one of my favorite William F. Buckley quotes about the tolerance of he left:

“Liberals claim to want to give a hearing to other views, but then are shocked and offended to discover that there are other views.”
I mean come on…If they don’t find any value in watching Fox News then they shouldn’t watch it. Similarly if they are ‘offended’ by the ideas espoused on the Fox News commentary shows …they shouldn’t watch those either. If you ‘hate’ Glenn beck and think he is a liar …Don’t watch him and if you want to tell me all about what a liar anyone on either side of the political spectrum is then you had better come with so something more specific than a your name-calling rants.

I was reading away earlier today and found this great rant-lite on a blog called “The Thinker”

There’s a long tradition of classical liberalism – boasting names such as Adam Smith, Wilhelm von Humboldt, Madison, Jefferson, Tocqueville, Macaulay, Gladstone, Cobden, Mencken, and Hayek – based on the understanding that forced “charity” is not generosity; that no agency better serves the narrow and anti-social goals of the truly greedy than does the state; and that individuals left to regulate their own affairs with a minimum of interference from government will create extensive and deep patterns of social cooperation that are far more effective at meeting human needs than will any bureaucracy or program imposed by the state.”

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