If I Were Queen ..This is How it Would Be!…The Time to Overhaul This Country is Now!

What is wrong with our economy? Here is a great quote that says it all:

“We have outlived the short run and are suffering the from the long run consequences of Keynesian policies” That much is a fact! But how do we fix it …

How Do We Fix a Broken Country? … How Do We Get Our Priorities in Line? We Know We Will Need to Make the Tough Decisions Eventually …When is a Good Time to do it? …..I pick Now!

Here is my personal trip to the fantasyland of pathological narcissism ( the first community Obama organized) where everyone sees things my way …or they get crushed in my wake!

If I were Queen and could do what I think is best then here is my list of things that would happen during my first term as Queen. Let’s take the medicine all at once! (Feel Free to add any additional things I have missed in the comments section) This list has been formulated with the help of 1000’s of pages of reading and the consideration of numerous ideas and philosophies, not to mention and a great deal of time spent saying ..”wouldn’t it be great if __ing…” and in a few cases outright plagarism!

1. Cut taxes …all of them and start getting people interested in savings and investing again.

2. If we ever forget that we are One Nation Under God, then we will be a nation gone under.
3. The wars would be only fought to defend ourselves and our allies and we would no longer be the worlds policeman
4. I would squeeze out the shadow government who has brought us to the edge of the abyss we are staring down into now…the financial kingpins would no longer be able to influence what happens in this country (or very little)
5. I would eliminate all public employee unions…the very idea is crazy…people don’t need unions to protect them from the government which is made up of themselves.
6. I would overhaul our criminal justice system which is draconian at best and a crime against humanity at its worst. I read somewhere that there were 850,000 arrests last year for marijuana …what a waste. By enforcing our borders and sealing them as good as possible we will stop a lot of our ongoing needs to incarcerate people. We put way too many people in prison for ridiculous lengths of time and it’s too expensive and it’s counterproductive. We have way too many laws making too many things a crime and we lack prosecutors who are able to exercise restraint and good judgment.
7. Obamacare – Gonzo!
8. Patriot Act – History!
9. I would solve the immigration problem by sealing our borders and squeezing the demand side of the equation (employers) … doing so solves a multitude of other secondary and tertiary societal issues we have brought upon ourselves. Drugs, overcrowded schools, rising healthcare costs, the cost of the entitlements (which I will cut below) are all aggravated by the illegal aliens in this country. Without the ability to find work they will self deport and the ones who don’t we will do it for them.
10. Remove the Federal Minimum Wage, leave it to the states. If the state4s want to hurt the poor that’s their prerogative …not the feds
11. I would stop supporting other countries who aren’t grateful or supportive of our ideals. Period!
12. I would strip the FDA, and the EPA, the FCC, and parts of the DOE (the parts that limit drilling and nuclear development). The FCC would be 95% gone, the EPA would be pruned back and stripped of their ability pas new regulations, the FDA would get cut by at least 50% ..too many people doing nothing but enforcing the red tape quagmire we are drowning in.
13. 70% of our gazillion military bases – Closed!
14. Bail outs….nonexistent …the only thing to big to fail is our creator and he doesn’t need anything like that from us.
15. War on Drugs will be declared a victory and drugs will no longer be illegal … they will be taxed.
16. Reagan said if it moves, tax it. If it keeps moving, regulate it. And if it stops moving, subsidize it. No more government subsidies to not grow corn or to do or not do anything! It’s crap!
17. School Vouchers!
18. And on the 7th day I would take a cue from God and rest!
In case you don’t think we are in need of some strong medicine consider that we just re-elected david Wu to a 7th term in office and dusted off John Kitzhaber to growl and preside over ungovernable gridlock (when he is not dnacing and playing court jester for the unions) Sheeple …we need to rush ourselves to the ER stat!


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2 responses to “If I Were Queen ..This is How it Would Be!…The Time to Overhaul This Country is Now!

  1. I would quibble a few points but generally an agenda I would get behind.

  2. It's like you're trying to be a mini Ann Coulter; I legitimately laughed when I saw you had a link to her cite. Try to forge your own path instead of imitating her's.

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