The Gay Student Teacher Was NOT Fired for Being Gay! He Was Fired for Being Stupid!

The Gay Student Teacher Was NOT Fired for Being Gay!
He Was Fired for Being Stupid!
I am sick to death of reading or hearing or seeing the nonstop news coverage of the “gay student teacher” who was “fired for being gay” in Beaverton. What a crock! The problem occurs when what looks good in a headline gets introduced to what really happened. “Mr. fairtale…I would like you to meet mr. reality check”. The only positive thing that has come out of this is it’s given the news media the opportunity to demonstrate to all of us how tolerant and accepting they are and by definition …if you disagree …you aren’t! Seth knows why they let him go …. It wasn’t until he had the opportunity to talk with, and exchange outrages with, his gay friends that he decided all of a sudden that it couldn’t have been for anything he did so that left only his sexuality to blame and then we got: “They fired me because I am gayand I told the student the truth” There are at least 2 huge problems with this new version of the truth:

#1 It’s a lie! Think about it, it defies common sense to think that the Beaverton School District Principal and Administrators called him in and sat him down and said “Seth…I am sorry … We are letting you go because you’re gay” who in their right mind believes that? Why would the news media think we are that stupid? Even if the real reason is that every Beaverton School teacher harbor intense ‘hate” towards all gays…. (yeah right!) No one in their right mind would ever be stupid enough to tell him that. Give me a break!

#2 The second thing that concerns me is this: So far none of the stories I have read (at least 10-12 of them) mention the most important fact in the whole story: that the child he was having this discussion with was only a 4th grader and only eight or nine years old? Don’t you think that’s an important part of the story? If the child he was having a conversation with was 18 or 17 then he would have just been guilty of having an inappropriate conversation with a student. Professional educators do not discuss their personal selection criteria for potential sex partners with their students! and Nobody has that conversation with an 8 or 9 year old child … period! When it comes to a teacher-student relationship…. Teachers are held to the highest possible standard of professional behavior and that standard does not include throwing ashes over your head in front of an 8 yr old student because you can’t get married to the guy you are having a homosexual relationship with. It also doesn’t allow for a teacher to discuss their private romantic or sexual habits ith an 8 or 9 yr old child either!

How many people who are reading this can truthfully say that their fourth-grade teacher discussed their personal sex life, or their choice of sexual partners, or any part of their private lives with you when you were in fourth grade? It’s not a conversation you would ever have. Anybody, including student teachers from Lewis and Clark College should be bright enough to know the difference between what is appropriate and what is not. Every single headline stated something to the effect that a
“student teacher was fired because he was gay” and that is such a lie. If the student teacher had been straight and had a conversation with an 8 or nine-year-old regarding his preference for really fat girls with blond hair and big breasts that would be equally inappropriate… at least.

Why is it that gay people feel the need to tell everybody all of the details of their private lives even when it’s professionally frowned upon to do it? Can’t gays put their victim status on the shelf long enough to do their jobs without feeling the need to call someone a ‘bigot’ or a ‘hater’ Why does everything bad that happens to a homosexual, happen only because he is a homosexual? Where is the teachable moment for Seth when everyone aound him is telling him HE is the victim of his own stupidity. Hopefully someone has taken him aside and reinforced the reasons he was originally lwet go …because that reason hasn’t changed …and as crazy as it sounds he appears to believe that what he did was totally appropiate…it wasn’t. I hope this doesn’t take all of the wind out of your outrage and foot stomping, but if you aren’t dumber than soap …then you already know that he wasn’t fired because he was gay, he was fired because he was stupid! And stupidity is not a civil right either, especially when you are a teacher, and your stupidity manifests itself in the form of inappropriate conversations, regarding your private sexual preferences with children that aren’t yours and that two men can never have.



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5 responses to “The Gay Student Teacher Was NOT Fired for Being Gay! He Was Fired for Being Stupid!

  1. Unfortunately, your second argument becomes invalid when you realize that fourth grade teachers will tell their students if they get engaged, and no one thinks anything of it. That is a 'personal detail' of their 'sexual lives', is it not? Why would this student teacher's comment that he couldn't get married to his partner be any different?

  2. CJ

    Your contention that 4th grade teachers would naturally inform their students if they got engaged may or may not be true and more importantly it may or maynot be appropiate. For the sake or arguing, whether it is or not, is a fine point that I am willing to concede because it was the second part of your statement that I take issue with. I am not able to stretch far enough to be able to conclude that a 4th Grade teacher saying "Guess what class? my boyfriend and I are engaged to be married" stands on equal footing with "Guess what class I am engaged to my girlfriend and we would be getting married… but the law says we can't because we are both females". And lastly, a woman who announces her engagement is not revealing any personal details about her sex life. Sorry she just isn't. They run engagement announcments in the Oregonian and I have yet to ever see one in the Oregonian or any other paper I have ever read anywhere which reveals any personal details (frequency or quality? lol) of the couple's sex life. I do appreciate the comment CEJ

  3. Teachers should keep their personal life out of school completely. When the teacher stated that he couldn't get married because he was gay he presented not only his personal opinion on gay marriage but his political view on the matter.Whether his opinion is right or wrong is not the issue. The child parents may not want their child to be exposed that issues like that at such a young age. Also, the parents may not agree with gay marriage and may not have wanted their child's moral views being corrupted by a teacher. Just because it is considered bigoted (and I agree that it is)doesn't mean that the parents don't have the right to choose what their child is being taught. It's just as bad as a liberal teacher teaching their political views to a class that has some students with conservative parents.( or vice versa)Teachers need to keep their politics to themselves and just teach the subject of the class.

  4. My fourth grade teacher told us she had a husband. Who would question that as inappropriate? I don't see how this is substantively different from saying, upon questioning from a student, that you can't get married because your spouse would be of the same sex. It's not a discussion of your sex life. A discussion of your sex life would be saying you can't get married because you like to take dick up your ass.

  5. I agree with the last commenter; while I'm not familiar with the story aside from what I have read on your post (which I found on accident), from what you have stated I find one thing of particular note.To say "I'm gay" is the same as to say "I'm straight", it is NOT the same as saying "I like blondes, leather, and big boobs/dongs".Homosexuality is a sexuality different from the mainstream, but it is no more deviant in practice then heterosexuality (which is just as much of a sexuality).Kids throw around bigoted statements about homosexuality all of the time, even at the age of 9 and 10 (I have a little brother; I know). If a straight teacher was called a fag/dyke (pardon), would it be inappropriate for the teacher to clarify that he/she is heterosexual?You speak of homosexuality like it is a deviance and not something so innocent as left handedness. A child grows up knowing men and women love each other… to explain "I don't love women that way, I love other men that way" is not a statement of sex in the mind of a child, but as innocent and pure as their own minds as they hear it stated.I'd love to hear your response to this, if you could drop me a notice on Facebook, or Youtube I would be appreciative (otherwise I probably won't see it.)(Facebook listed with name)Youtube: you 🙂

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