The Best Idea for Helping to Prevent the Total Collapse of our Economy…Saved by Foreclosure Fraud!

Foreclosure Fraud Can Save US Economy
by Morgan Warstler
The contractual mortgage screw-up by the banks gives us a great way to speed up the recovery and reclaim what was lost in the the Great Bank Heist of 2008.

If you haven’t been paying attention to the MERS violations, you’ll need to read up to understand this idea…

But essentially, the chain of title on almost all the foreclosures going on in the mortgage market are in jeopardy: lawsuits as far as the eye can see; title companies unwilling to insure title; squatters; banks suspending all ongoing foreclosures.

It’s a frigging mess.

Meanwhile, ever since Rick Santelli launched the Tea Party on CNBC, we’ve been split down the middle class between those people who bought too big a house and are now desperately underwater–and those people who played by the rules. We all have friends in both groups.

Over at oligarch central (the Fed), Bernacke is suggesting that to kick start the economy we need more inflation. After all, the mortgages behind all the toxic assets they bought aren’t worth squat if home prices fall and people stop making payments. (Cont’d Here)


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