Obama Enabling Violent Jihad! When Are You People Going to WAKE UP?

Obama Enabling Violent Jihad
by Connie Hair


The Obama administration’s first show trial for a violent Guantanamo Bay jihadi in a civilian court — a man who has never set foot in America — and endowing this enemy combatant with full citizenship-level Fifth Amendment rights is unraveling in the courtroom and putting America at risk.

It would be a laughable, “I told you so” moment if it weren’t so dangerous. Stopping these violent jihadis from killing Americans is the government’s job. The Obama administration is putting American lives at risk and jeopardizing the integrity of our legal system which was not designed to handle war crimes.

Dealing with violent jihadists on the worldwide battlefield is a matter for military not civilian courts. Matters as simple as chains of custody for evidence take on different standard when dealing with America’s civilian courts. Our soldiers are not law enforcement officers. They are paid to fight wars and break things, not read Miranda rights and put evidence in baggies on the battlefield.

To left-wing elitists like Obama, acts of terrorism are matters for lawyers not soldiers. Now the first of these Gitmo detainee civilian court trials has been delayed this week because the star witness was barred from testifying by trial judge Lewis Kaplan.



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