200,000 Reasons (This Year Alone) to Enforce Our Immigration Laws!

For Any of You Who Think We Should Grant Amnesty to 20 Million Illegal Aliens…Here are 200,000 Reasons We Shouldn’t

How often do we hear from illegal alien apologists that “undocumented immigrants are all good, hard working people who just do the jobs Americans won’t do?” These statistics belie any notion that undocumented immigrants are all good people who just want to work. DHS deported about 400,000 illegal aliens. About half, (195,000), were convicted criminals. About 33%, (65,000), of the deportees had been convicted of murder or rape or major drug dealing!

By deporting 195,000 illegal aliens the federal government just saved about $7 billion a year in just incarceration costs! By deporting 65,000 murders, rapists and drug dealers the U.S. has become a safer place. Nonetheless our borders remain open to the continued flow of illegal alien criminals.

While criminal deportations are up, work place enforcement has declined. Congressman Lamar Smith, ranking Republican on the House Judiciary Committee, said in its efforts to boost criminal immigrants’ deportations, the department has fallen down on other basic enforcement.

He said administrative arrests of illegal immigrant workers are down 77 percent under the present administration, criminal arrests are down 60 percent and convictions are down 68 percent.

“Worksite enforcement has been all but forgotten by the Obama administration,” Mr Smith, a Texas Republican, said. “Millions of Americans are struggling to find work, while an estimated seven million illegal immigrants are working in the U.S. Worksite enforcement could help make those much-needed jobs available for U.S. citizen and legal immigrant workers.”

The report below is from one of our sister organizations, NumbersUSA.


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