Too Much of a Good Thing Can Kill You! or at Least Kill Your Political Career

Interesting article on discussing how the public’s perception of the politicians villified by the MSM have changed and now more than ever they recognize if entities like MSNBC hate someone that person must be for the average person…CEJ

The Public’s view of the Ruling Class and their Media Slaves

Posted by Dan Perrin (Profile)
Saturday, September 18th at 1:10PM EDT
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Here is a thought: perhaps the ruling class and their running dog microphones and television broadcasts — otherwise known as the mainstream media — have had their way for so long to determine what is fact or not, what is reasonable or not, and their collective effort to attack and discredit any who are not from their mindset — has finally back-fired.

To be attacked by the MSM now means you win primaries and become a national celeb and vote mover, a la Sarah Palin and the tea-partiers who won victories this primary season. Cont’d at the source here….


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