Mid Terms Update-Think What You Want … The Battle Isn’t Republican v. Democrats Duh?

The results from Tuesday’s primaries should make one thing stand clear: The Tea Party and the Republican party are not one in the same … not by a long shot. The Tea Party has shown time and time again, that if you’re a RINO your last name may as well be Pelosi because if you don’t stand for smaller less intrusive government then you will not get their votes. Period!

They don’t care who controls Congress, what they care about is electing as many like-minded individuals as possible to as many seats as they can and if you’re not with them… then you’re against them!

Make all the jokes you want about Sarah Palin. It appears to me, at least up until this point, if she doesn’t like you …you don’t win. 6 years from now the left may find themselves wishing she were President when they are faced with a House and Senate she has hand picked and ushered into office.


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