I Refuse to Celebrate Labor Day … It’s Time to End This Holiday

I Refuse to Celebrate Labor Day … It’s Time to End This Holiday

Labor Day started on September 5, 1882 in New York City by the nation’s first integrated labor union; The Central Labor Union. It became a federal holiday 12 years later in 1894 as a direct result of the bloodshed during the Pullman strike and President Cleveland’s attempt to reconcile with the labor movement. Generally speaking this holiday was created during a time when workers need to be protected from heavy-handed and abusive bosses and employers. This holiday should be either ended or renamed since those circumstances and conditions no longer exist today. We need to change the focus of Labor Day away from being a celebration of organized labor or do away with the holiday completely.

Today, organized labor no longer performs the same functions they did 116 years ago. Instead of creating a safe work environment for their members they are more concerned with using their muscle and money to influence and buy both our elective politics, and the politicians they elect, both of which they have done succesfully much to the detriment of our society and our economy. Instead of having a positive impact on the safety of our workers, they have become a blight on our economy, and a common parasite feeding off the taxpayers and corporations under their control. Like nearly all parasites who are allowed to feed on their hosts unchecked, …unions will feed on its host, until it dies. We have to look no further than what the United Auto Workers Union did to the auto industry to see a perfect example of what I’m talking about. Make no mistake about it, when congress passed the automaker bailout, they were not bailing out General Motors … they were bailing out the United Auto Workers Union.

Why would we as a country want to continue to celebrate, and recognize with a national holiday, the system and those entities whose only lasting legacy will be the huge amounts of debt they have created for us all to payback, the bloated, underfunded, and nearly bankrupt, public employee pension plans, and the uber expensive health care benefits programs they have created. Labor Day should be a celebration of the American worker and not the labor unions who are systematically bankrupting our state and federal governments. People, the organized labor movement has made this country much weaker, not stronger. We need to start celebrating the segments of our economy that create jobs and growth…(namely, the non-unionized small businesses).

Continuing to celebrate Labor Day the way it currently andsis like a heroin addict, celebrating heroin, an alcoholic, celebrating alcohol, or an abused woman, celebrating domestic violence. Is there no one else who finds it strange that government employees feel the need to unionize to protect them from ….themselves …the government? When are we going to wake up and catch a clue?



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