Why Isn’t Sarah Palin A Feminist Icon?

Read the viewpoint and comments of the “Gay Patriot” himself.

If the true goal of feminism were securing the success of women in all sectors of our society, feminist leaders would be regularly singing the praises of the immediate past Governor of the Last Frontier. I mean, conservatives, particularly social conservatives, supposedly the political group least open to the advancement of women, have been the most ready to embrace Mrs. Palin.

They line up to buy her books, travel from all corners of the country to hear her speak at the Lincoln Memorial, find inspiration in her Facebook posts, look up to her as a role model and hero. In short, this woman has become an inspiration to and potential leader for, hundreds of thousands, if not millions of Americans. Doesn’t their acclaim for this accomplished woman in itself validate the notion that women can inspire and lead? (cont’d here)


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