The War is Really Between Libertarianism and Statism… The Midterm Election is Just One Battle in that War

Forget Republicans versus Democrats for a minute. Isn’t the real war the one taking place between libertarianism and statism? When you strip away all of the rhetoric from the right and the left what is left are not two opposing views of the way the world works or should work, what you get are two views, from two perspectives, both seemingly committed to socialist, interventionist, and imperial programs.

Think about it. How many of the federal socialist programs over the last 40 years do Republicans oppose? Answer: up until the last 18 months and only after suffering staggering losses at the ballot box the answer was …None. Social Security, Medicare, welfare, education grants, loans, bailouts, Medicaid, plus all of the superfluous and welfare state regulatory departments and agencies like ICE IRS SEC DEA Department of Labor Department of Energy Department of Education, Homeland Security, Department of Agriculture. When was the last time you heard a Republican advocate doing away with any of these programs or layers of bureaucracy?

Is it just me or has it just been in the post-Bush era that we have seen the Republican Party once again favoring free enterprise, limited government, and private property rights? Meanwhile federal spending is running at 400% over what everyone agrees was exorbitant spending by Bush. Every failed terrorist attempt is nothing more than another opportunity to further infringe upon our privacy and our other protected civil liberties.

That’s the biggest reason that both parties are so uncomfortable with the tea party movement. It reminds them both of what they aren’t; namely defenders of moral principles, the Constitution, private property, and limited government intrusions into our private lives.

We have seen what two years of Democratic ideals and policies have wrought upon this country, we have seen example after example of the left’s anti-American, anti-constitution, socialist agenda and their willingness to ignore the expressed will of the clear majority of Americans over and over again. It’s now painfully clear to everyone in the world who has paid attention at all, that when it comes to Barack Obama, not only does the King have no clothes …. he never had any. While neither party is blameless for this country’s fast spiraling into fiscal oblivion, there is no question that the Democrats have shown their complicity by spending the last two years pouring gas on the fire and were too busy doing what they’re told, voting how they’re told, all in a desperate frenzy to spend more money we don’t have, to even take the time to first pass a budget. And we haven’t seen the end of it yet.

With the Democrats almost certainly destined to suffer a substantial errosion of their power in November expect to see them demonstrate their personal disdain for what’s best for you and this country as they attempt to jam one ridiculous spending/bailout/bribe bill after another until they are no longer allowed to vote.

What it boils down to as midterm elections come up in November is voting for one of the two evils. It goes without saying that as moral actors in this drama, we have a duty to vote for the “lesser of 2 evils” for the obvious reason that less evil gets done.

The war is really between libertarianism and statism… in November, an important battle in that war will be between Democrats and Republicans. We can slice this any way we want, but we can’t evade our moral responsibility. With the stakes as high as they are right now, that moral responsibility does not begin and end with your vote. It begins today with your efforts to advance the ideals this country was founded upon and the ideals which made us the envy of the world. Get involved, get busy and start participating or the things you take for granted today will be gone tomorrow.


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