Jeff Lawrence Libertarian-Independent For Congress- Good Bye Earl!

Lawrence becomes first ever Libertarian to champion “fusion-lite

Jeff Lawrence needs your support in his campaign for Congress against “left wing lunatic” and “tax and spend door stop” Earl Blumenauer. Let’s face it people if it weren’t for his ridiculous trademark bowtie to remember him by, it would be a toss up btween Earl and David Who as to which congressman in the USA is the least relevant. How lucky of Oregon to be so under-represented by two automatic yes votes for every spending bill that comes down the pike. Neither one of these guys is even capable of independent thinking of their own. Speaking of owned …these two guys are owned and pimped out for a song by Nancy Pelosi and big labor. It’s time we cleaned house in Washington and if you are socially liberal and fiscally conservative then you owe it to yourself top take a good look at Jeff Lawrence. He is all of the liberal social policies of Earl and David Who without the big price tag! PLUS! Chances are very good if you give someone like Jeff a shot and send him to Washington …I bet after 14 years he just might be relevant!


This story is borrowed from The Examiner and it’s #1 political reporter: Chris Lostaglia

Lawrence becomes first ever Libertarian to champion “fusion-lite

As a result of last month’s Independent Party primary, Jeff Lawrence (LBT, district 3) became the state’s first ever Libertarian to carry a second party’s flag into the summer campaign season. Lawrence defeated Michael Meo (PGP) in the runoff. This victory for Lawrence means he will have both the Libertarian and the Independent tags next to his name on this fall’s voter pamphlet–an advent made possible by a recent ruling in Oregon sometimes referred to as “fusion-lite”. CONT’D AT THE SOURCE


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