Conservative …. But Also Republican!

“Across the country we are pushing the GOP right where the GOP can go right. But at the end of the day, we are on the Republican team.… If you …want to agitate for a third party … go elsewhere.”

by Erick Erickson

“I admit it. I am guilty of it. Knee deep in primary season battling to get conservatives elected against a bunch of squishy picks, it is sometimes difficulty to see the endgame.

Friends, the endgame is simple — Republicans taking back Congress and beating Obama. Either that is the end game or else it is the end of America as we know it. The Democrats have already done enough damage. We can’t let them keep at it.

There is a very real difference between the parties. One party stakes its claim with freedom; the other with equality. And while “equality” sounds good, the only way to keep us all equal is to punish the successful, tear down the creative, and shut up generators of wealth and freedom, keeping us all piled up together on the government run safety net unwilling to let us merely try to succeed. I am with freedom. Therefore, I am with the Republicans. CONT’D CLICK HERE…


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