The USA Welfare state …Hand Ups vs. Hand Outs?

Vance Keaton first hand account of the “worst generation”: those people who readily hope for a bigger and more benevolent government to take care of them like they have been …Only better!

“There is a young couple that lives down the street from me, They are in their twenties and have two children, and drive an old ratted out Honda civic and neither have high school diploma’s, and neither have jobs, They are ex drug users and are basically just useless people with no survival skills at all. And they are now raising two children that will grow up being completely helpless just as the parents. Yes they admit to voting for Obama, Yes they admit that they want Government to take care of them because they have it bad.

I offered to purchase the young man a used lawn mower so he could go around and start mowing the neighbors’ lawns for $20 or $30 dollars a pop and make his family some money. His answer to me was “no thanks that would be too hard” So I said so why don’t you sign up for the military, again his answer was completely outrageous, He stated I haven’t got any reason to do that, Other stupid people believe in doing that” Continued at the source ….
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