"Let facts be submitted to a candid world." Setting the Record Straight On Ronald Reagan

In the spirit of Independence Day I felt nothing would be more appropriate than to write something or post something that would set the record straight on the legacy of one of the worlds greatest leaders. Protecting the Reagan Legacy is necessary because the cultural elite has unfairly portrayed them and him as an unmitigated failure.The cultural elite, including, the major media, most academics, and the Hollywood entertainment industry have portrayed the ’80s as a decade of failure and setbacks. They have portrayed Ronald Reagan as a likable idiot out of touch with reality, sleepwalking through history. With respect to the economy, the decade of Ronald Reagan is depicted as a decade of greed, with the rich benefiting at the expense of the poor and middle class and at the expense of our children due to unprecedented deficits.

Here is the rest of this great article setting the record straight and keeping the legacy intact and unsullied of a man who left this world much better than he found it and who’s thoughtful and principled leadership led to the largest peacetime economic expansion in the history of this country..

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Defending the Reagan Legacy:
Rejecting Revisionist History

by: Mickey G. Craig


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