The Weakness of our People is Causing Us to Lose Our Freedoms

At one time, before government got its nose into every aspect of our lives, there were jobs everywhere. After fifty years plus of strong government interference, and unions, the jobs have left here for greener and less intrusive and less expensive pastures. This country is being sucked dry mostly from within. Political correctness and our obsession with worrying that something we say might offend someone else has caused all of this country’s testosterone to dry up and leave. This country was founded and flourished when it was a nation of values and absolutes, when it knew the difference between right and wrong and had the moral courage to point it out.

Our country survived pretty well the first 200 years or so without health insurance and now all of a sudden we can no longer get along without health insurance and the government watching over both shoulders. I’ve seen the people of our country go from a proud people who derived great satisfaction by taking care of themselves and their families…to a people that can’t even stand up or feed themselves without some sort of government help … to a people who now require a staggering 2 yrs of unemployment benefits to find a job after they lose theirs. Our weakness and the weakness of our people are one reason We are losing our Freedom, and losing our country to illegal aliens who smell that softness and weakness and thumb their noses at us and our laws as a result. But, people that can’t take care of themselves deserve neither Freedom nor a country. Can you take care of yourself without government help?


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