The (In)Tolerance Chronicles


What a week it has been for the ideal of tolerance. After reviewing the events of the last couple of weeks I have drawn the following conclusions:

1) When it comes to practicing what they preach, the political left is either suffering from a lack of practice or they are the most hypocritical group of people on this earth.

2) No where is the notion of tolerance more wanting for recruits, for participants, or for practitioners of this highly sought after virtue more, than on the forums and blogs of Oregon’s extreme left notably, (at least for this installment) Facebook, and the radical left wingers at Blue Oregon (

First Case
Tolerance and Diversity vs. Blue Oregon (the extreme left wing mutual admiration society)

In the matter of Tolerance and Diversity v. Blue Oregon

Some quick background first: Currently neither Roger nor myself are able to post any comments on the Blue Oregon forum site. I admit that I was inexplicably naieve when I first started to post my comments there. How so? I engaged others in the spirit of lively and spirited political debate under the impression that they were interested in exploring the strength of their own ideas through trial by fire and being required to back up the sometimes really silly things they claim to believe. I also am always surprised by the hostility I encounter as soon as I take a conversation outside their comfort zone (which happens very quickly). The truth turned out to be exactly what William F Buckley said it would be …that is “Liberals pretend to be open to considering alternative theories and opinions until they realize that there actually are different opinions out there” the part he left out is the ending which would go like this ..”and once they identify the person who doesn’t walk in lockstep with the failed policies and ideas of the left they do anything and everything to destroy that person …personal attacks, name calling …whetever it takes to discredit him or her” then lastly if none of those things are effective in silencing the non conforming opinion then they will silence that person themselves by blcoking that person from posting or commenting. Which is exactly what we both experienced within the 1st 2 weeks of our association with Boo Hoo Oregon.

Who are the people at BO?


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One response to “The (In)Tolerance Chronicles

  1. I wouldn't worry about it – there will always be those who can't bear a good argument and it is usually because they suspect they're not in the right (or they'd be on the right). Your country enshrined a right to freedom of expression for good reason and its citizens – of whatever persuasion – should revel in it. Let the offensive damn themselves along with the stupid, the credulous, the feeble and the bland – better that then have nothing to say and no real choices to offer.

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