UPDATE: Two Years Later and the Left Is Still Lying About the Tea Party Movement

Is there no one on the political left with the capacity to listen? Or to learn? Especially when what they might hear, or begin to understand about the Tea Party would run dramatically contra to their persistent incoherent maunderings, and mischaracterizations? After the vilification of Sarah Palin and President Bush, is there anyone in the U.S. who still doubts the veracity of conservative claims over the last 10 years, that when the modern day lefty feels threatened or challenged by anything or anyone, they always respond by immediately firing up the drum beat of their mind numbing name calling, and personal assaults on the character of those involved? The modis operendi of todays liberals reminded me of a quote I remembered from reading JFK’s inaugural speech (forgive the free license I took with some minor modifications) and NO! I am not going to quote any of the obvious parts that cast a hypocritical light on the unprincipled modern day liberals. Okay…Okay … but only a few. Here is the part of the speech I was thinking of, see if you can recognize it:

“Let every person, who doesn’t agree with our distorted view of the world know, that should they fall out of lock step with the approved left wing dogma, we shall make them pay any price, target them with any conceivable crackpot rumor or lie, cause them to bear the burden of being called “intolerant’ or “haters” or “stupid” or “dumb” with ceaseless repetition, and will force them to endure the full and mighty wrath of our partners in the ‘state owned media” who will use each and everyone of their respective bully pulpits to attack their character, hold them up to public ridicule, humiliation, and scorn, while actively and aggressively misrepresenting their cause, their message, their motives and their true objectives, so long as it has any chance at all of defeating their dangerous ideas and stopping or slowing down their need to impose their “extreme right wing religion fueled morals” and “Christian values” on the rest of us, in order to assure the survival and the success of our own “socialist, one world, open borders, welfare state, entitlement rich, government owned, single payer, progressive agenda” . This much we pledge—and more.” 4

And you thought I was going to commit left wing blasphemy and violate the separation of church and state by reminding you of other Kennedy quotes like these:

“…the belief that the rights of man come not from the generosity of the state, but from the hand of God”

“And so, my fellow Americans: ask not what your country can do for you—ask what you can do for your country”

“Let us go forth to lead the land we love, asking His blessing and His help, but knowing that here on earth God’s work must truly be our own”

Before anyone rushes to judgment against the “bowers, blamers, and shamers” we need to step back and recognize that we are all partly at fault for the mixed signals they have been given. It was only two short years ago that a vast majority…in fact a super majority of members of the democratic party were swept into power by a lot of our own votes right? Are they really to be faulted for allowing their own vanity and ego to see this as a referendum on the Republicans and not simply the response of a majority of American’s to the start of the Pelosi Reid recession, economic uncertainty, a vilified and unpopular President and even more unpopular wars? They cannot be faulted for being too busy celebrating and taking turns writing the obituary of conservatism. So married to their destructive government programs, fueled by their economy wrecking deficit spending and plans to nationalize as much of the economy as they could as fast as they could, they were blinded by their own tears of joy that a majority of American’s had finally stepped into the light, and been converted into true believers of the liberal theology. How could emotion driven politically correct zealots be expected to see the forest thru the trees? It is scary to observe, even now that the ether has worn off and enough time has passed to clear their heads that they still desperately cling to the false notion that the election of 2008 was more than the electorate trying to make a loud clear testimonial to their own frustrations and anger.

The American people’s realization of what it had done and not liking the perils and costs associated with being pushed to the left of Mao, starting trying to let their voices be heard… which spawned the advent of tea party movement. The response of the terminally predictable left was to immediately attempt to quash and discredit this movement through the use of their tried and true (and rarely effective) ad hominem attacks, name calling, and smug, outright lies. Just a few days ago Michael Lashoff wrote “the tea party movement claims to be something that it isn’t” “how could it be anti socialist when a majority of tea partiers say they favor keeping and intend to collect their Social Security …certainly a socialist program right?’ and how can they claim to be for lower taxes when currently only 50% of US citizens pay any federal income tax at all? Right? The tea partiers are just not out of the closet yet because they seem to be fine with a big nurturing government right?” He then quoted the uber reliable NY Times poll that identified the Tea Partiers as being all 45 yr. old rightwing Christian extremists and white racist males who hate all Muslims and whose brains are in the death grip of the likes of Hannity, Coulter, Beck and Limbaugh!” (And if they were able to shake off that brain washing they are probably big fans of Halliburton and no bid contracts too!) They are rabid uneducated “birthers” and “deniers” and not only do they hate all Muslims they are also all “homophobic” and “racists” who “hate all illegal Mexicans because of their brown skin and cars with flashy wheels and tires on them”

Nothing could be further from the truth and after almost 2 years to get it right, one has to assume they either can’t…won’t and never will! The left has spent the last two years rearranging the chairs on the titanic to make sure no one’s feelings would be hurt by their place in the line of people soon be going into the ocean. The left cannot allow themselves to believe, for even a second, there are still people walking among them who love this country, are proud of what it stands for, who believe in American exceptionalism, and who have the audacity to insist that the leaders of the country they love be required to keep her fiscal house in order. How is it possible for so many people to have come together…a majority of whom had never involved themselves in politics before, and be drawn together by the common beliefs of personal liberty and freedom…of a government that is small and does not intrude into the private lives of it’s citizens and doesn’t think a person or a country should spend 1/3 more money every year than they bring in. As Ronald Reagan once said “the problem is that our government has a spending problem”. Tea partiers believe it’s not the government’s job to set up a nanny state while promoting an open borders posture nor is it the governments job the regulate every single shred of our existence. It’s not so much about taxes right now …it’s more about the reckless spending and all-out power grabs by our government and their intrusion into areas of our lives it has no place being. It’s about being able to show enough respect for our own heritage as a nation of laws, that we are able to enforce those laws fairly upon anyone who breaks them without any misplaced feelings of remorse. And it’s the ability to take the side of that country and it’s laws against anyone and everyone who is not in this country illegally.


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  1. If the general populace were told the truth about what the tea party really wanted and what they truly stood for every single american would be a member. Very well written piece.

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