Government Work and Civil Service …America’s Only Growth Industry (Only Problem is They Don’t Produce Anything)

Jobs created in the public sector destroys jobs in the private sector. Governments don’t create real jobs in fact Government job creation is an oxymoron. Government salaries are payed for with taxes, borrowing or printing which puts a burden on taxpayers, employers, value of the dollar and the overall economy. Small business has created 90% of the private sector jobs over the past 15 years. Let the free market work. Government jobs put burdens on taxpayers and the economy and government spending reduces more jobs in the private sector than it can create in the government sector. Not to mention the growth in public sector jobs explains why the only area where we are seeing a growth in union membership is the government sector. Pulling down the most pay possible for the least amount of work necessary is a hallmark of the union worker … They do not produce wealth. They take wealth, just like entitlement programs. Slowing the growth in government spending would speed job growth. For small businesses, which are the source of most job creation in the U.S., the government’s increased and changing role in the economy is way more frightening than encouraging. Small business has no idea what health-care reform will mean for their cost structure or what whimsical tax policies the government might impose when it realizes those short-term deficits are running into long-term unfunded liabilities. The economy creates jobs when the private sector, especially small business, sees opportunity, not because government pours in hundreds of billions of borrowed dollars. To get the private-sector job generator cranking, we need to turn off the government threat machine.
No business owner is going to invest in expanding operations when threatened with higher taxes if they succeed. Uncertainty about expensive, burdensome regulation also casts a pall on business investment. Like cap and trade. Like the various environmental and labor regulations percolating through the bureaucracies. Like the preposterous tax on banks. Washington needs to take a bold fiscal approach which would require truly historic cuts in spending to make some room for marginal rate cuts that would make a real difference to growth. That’s not likely from this Congress or this president. But a practical Plan B is simply to do no more harm. At least then businesses could concentrate more on business and less on threats from Washington.


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  1. Well said! Want to know what makes it worse? What makes it worse, and as absurd as it sounds, every single thing you said in this post is 100% TRUE!

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