Silence Those Who Donot Agree With The Left Wing’s LIberal Lunacy!

From: Grand Rapids Conservative Examiner Robert Ditmar

I remembered reading this column by Robert Ditmar this evening shortly after my posting privileges were suspended by the very frightened and intolerant extreme left wing blog called “Blue Oregon” or as it is now called “Boo Hoo Oregon”. What was my crime? Pointing out the hypocrisy of the left and their own inability to see it or if they do see it, by their ability to rationalize everything they do in order to try to advance their tired and failed agenda. Here is the article draw your own parralels as I have certainly drawn mine.

On CBS’s The Early Show, an interview between Obama fan and morning anchor Harry Smith focused on the issue of how polarized the country has become as a result of Obama’s push for a government power-grab. Shortly after the interview was aired this morning, it was posted on their website under the title, Obama: Extreme Right-Wing Shows “Troublesome.” The title demonstrates the “obvious and objective” balance of the story by the CBS news division. [Sarcasm ON]

Reading through the article, the president seemed to be implying that it is “all sides” that are hurling “vitriol” to “demonize” the other side. This is a blatant attempt to fake a balance between the left and right, because Obama only cites Glenn Beck and Rush Limbaugh as the leading “agitators” who are creating an environment of “violence” toward the left. If it is a two-sided issue, the president strangely omitted any mention of the poisoned rhetoric from the left-wing “progressive” shows, such as Ed Schulz, or the vitriolic hate-filled rant against Scott Brown’s supporters as spewed by leftist Atlanta radio host Michael Malloy as he calls all of them “sons-of-bitches” right on the air.

In the Schultz-Hannity case, the reference is to a remark that Sean Hannity made during his book tour visit to the Ronald Reagan Library this past Monday. During the course of the conversation in front of a live audience while doing his show, Hannity made a tongue-in-cheek reference to the Tea Partiers and conservatives as a bunch of “Tim McVeigh wannabes.”

We all know that Tim McVeigh was behind the atrocity of the 1995 Oklahoma City bombing that left 60 innocent people dead. Among the victims were several children who were in the building’s daycare center when the bomb exploded. We also know that Tim McVeigh was an extreme, far, far right-wing terrorist who thought that the U.S. government was not a legal entity and must be destroyed. In his own warped mind, McVeigh saw himself as a “soldier of freedom” when he committed this terrible crime. He was found guilty and later put to death for the murder of 60 innocents.

Hannity’s remark, taken out of context by the radical left in an attempt to portray the conservative pundit of “agreeing” with the mainstream media that he and his “followers” in the Tea Party look to Tim McVeigh as some sort of “inspiration” and “martyr” for their movement can appear as “truth” to the casual voter who really does not pay attention. And the liberals of the mainstream media are masters of these types of deceptions and slander against all those who disagree with them. But if you are a sensible, logical person who has been remotely near the planet over the past 12 months, you know that Hannity was making his remark in jest of how the liberal “progressives” in the media and the leftist blogosphere have been doing everything in their power to demonize the Tea Party movement as an extremist, terrorist, evil group of right-wing radicals hell-bent on the destruction of the Obama administration. Hannity was trying to laugh in the face of those who are attacking the millions of normal Americans who are incensed at the blatant, unconstitutional power grab by the left and are speaking out peacefully in protest, many for the first time in their lives.

During his show, Schultz attacked Hannity as a McVeigh-worshiping extremist by taking the full substance of the remark out of context for his leftist audience. He invited callers to feign outrage at Hannity as a promoter of the “right-wing racist violence” that the Tea Party is “advocating.” He also seemed to be inviting his audience; all three of them, to call into the RNC headquarters to demand that they get their “extremists” under control. Schultz even seemed to speculate that it seemed hard to believe that Fox News would allow Hannity to remain on the air after making such an “inciting” remark.

Let’s get this entire “right-wing extremist, racist, violent Tea Party-Republican-Conservative axis-of-evil” straightened out, right now.

Since Obama began to move radically to the far left last year, after lying to America by pretending to be a Clinton “centrist” during the presidential campaign, the bold-faced power grab and his real intentions of turning the country into a socialist Utopia became painfully apparent to untold millions of Americans. Many of those who felt like they had been cheated were life-long Democrats of the old-school, who found themselves in a state of disbelief as to where the modern, radical socialist-Democratic party is now attempting to take the country.

As 2009 wore on, the economy fell further into the abyss, billions of dollars were being liberally printed to “finance” the so-called “stimulus,” and the government had literally begun taking over huge sections of the former private sector, turning companies like General Motors into state-owned bureaucracies with nicknames like “Government Motors.” While all this chaos erupted, Obama, Pelosi and Reid decided that they would pursue socialized health care at all costs, endangering the nation’s future and prosperity.

During all of this, these millions of Americans watched their new president globetrot to nations all around the world, bowing to Muslim sheiks, cozying up to leftist Venezuelan and Iranian dictators, and apologizing to our enemies for the fact that America has been a “terrible abuser” of “undeserved power.” They watched Obama turn vitriolic on our own, historic democratic allies such as Britain, Israel and France in favor of totalitarian regimes.

In an almost spontaneous reaction to this power grab, these millions of concerned Americans gathered and began protesting against uncontrolled government spending, tripling the national debt, and trying to shove a huge, unwanted socialist entitlement program down our collective throats. As spring wore on into summer, when it became apparent that Obama and the radical Democrats were not listening to the concerns of the tax protesters (the unorganized Tea Party), millions of average Americans finally spoke up at congressional town hall meetings when their senator or representative were home to visit their districts. Almost every single statement made at these meetings, while heated, were thoughtful and well-structured arguments.

As the town halls went on, there were attempts by the mainstream Obama media to start labeling the Tea Party movement as an “extremist, racist” right-wing fringe. While there is a very large group of minorities who are members of the Tea Party movement, they were ignored while the MSM who focused instead on one or two extreme lunatics in the crowd, which they attempted to paint as being representative of the entire movement.

During the town halls, a black Tea Party member was beaten within inches of his life by Service Employee International Union (SEIU) members, sent as “hired thugs” to intimidate and threaten the normal Americans who were exercising their First Amendment rights to free speech. Of course, had it not been for the new media, conservative blogosphere, talk radio and Fox News, this story would never have seen the light of day, since the mainstream media ignored it.

Regardless of the civilized, peaceful protest of normal Americans and the Tea Party, who are the majority in this center-right country, the radical, socialist Democrats thumbed their noses to the American people instead. Despite the overwhelming two-thirds of Americans who did not want the socialized health care bill passed, the Democrats instead said “screw the American people” and ram-rodded the massive, unpopular bill into law using parliamentary tricks and gimmicks. The Democrats ignored their promises of transparency and they feigned “bipartisanship” while never allowing for opposition proposals to see the light of day.

Of course, this set off a massive outburst of anger by the American people. We have seen the Obama thugocracy trample the Constitution into the ground and make up the rules as they went along. We have seen this administration and the congressional Democrats act like imperial dictators, who no longer represent the people and expect the people to shut up and take it.

Because we have not collectively submitted to the Democratic “progressives” attempt at a leftist dictatorship under socialism, they have decided to resort to the time-honored “Progressive” modus-operandi of silencing the opposition. Using threats, tactics and labels to demonize anyone who opposes Obama and Obamacare as being an inciter of violence and racism, they hope to intimidate and silence the vast majority of Americans by making them fear becoming a target of these slanderous labels.

We have seen non-incidents made out to be huge violent aggressions by the “extremist Tea Party movement,” such as lying about a protester calling a black Congressman the “N-word.”

We have seen accusations by the leftist media against Sarah Palin for saying that we are not yet defeated, and we need to “regroup and reload” to win in November. Again, anyone with half a brain understand Palin was using analogy in her choice of words and not being literal in promoting violence. Yet the leftist media has tried to say that Palin is telling her “extremist followers” to get “their guns” to load and target “Democratic “progressives” to take over the government. They are even using the crosshair pinpoints of targeted congressional districts on her website that show which congressmen voted for Obamacare as being an incitement to violence and murder.

This is absurd! Palin’s “crosshairs” are showing those in Congress that voted over the wishes of the American majority and should be in a position to be legally voted out this coming November. She is showing where we need to run effective campaigns to ensure the socialist-Democrats are voted out of power this fall.

The leftist hypocrisy is so blatant, it is sickening. To accuse white-haired grandmothers, carrying homemade signs that say things like “Enough is Enough” and “Follow the Constitution,” then clean up the protest location before they go home to dinner and bed is ridiculous. It is made all the more absurd when you compare how the Tea Party protesters act compared to how violent the left protested against President Bush during his presidency!

Violence and intimidation are the tools of the “progressive” liberals and radicals of the left. They use these tools to shout-down and attempt to silence a vast majority of Americans who are law-abiding, work and do not want to see America go down the wrong path.

In the past, when there were only three liberal networks and liberal newspapers, spouting the glories of liberalism and liberal presidents, all in a one-way direction, they were able to succeed in their totalitarian controls of dissent.

With the advent of the Internet and alternative new media that allow for a true balanced view of the issues, conservatives have been able to expose the “progressives” for the true, totalitarian socialistic dictators that they are. Two-way communications and social networks have made possible for conservatives and independents to discover that they are not the minority, but in fact, are in the overwhelming MAJORITY when it comes to their politics. Using these tools, they have found a way to organize their opposition against the once-dominant liberal ideologies of the “progressives.”

“Progressives” do not like any opposition and will not tolerate dissent. They are angry that we now have the means to debate on merit and facts. They resent that the majority of us have figured this out. So they resort to their old, thuggish tactics to avoid debate based on facts and empirical data.

This time, the left as gone too far, and if they believe they can just kick us in the collective mouth and order us to “shut-up and take it” like they did in the past, they are seriously mistaken. Americans will not be intimidated by their slanderous labels and threats. They will continue to stand bravely against these Marxist thugs.

The days of “progressive” control of all media, and their attempt to use the law against law-abiding citizens, while they run roughshod over the Constitution, are long over.

The sooner they figure that out, the quicker we can return to civilized debate and get back to being the America of our founders.


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  1. Don't let the fact that "Blue Oregon" get you down no one takes that blog seriously except the very few people who comment there to try and make themselves look both informed but also relevant. Any traffic that site gets is directly due to its link on Oregon Live

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