Capitalism …Tea Parties …and How to Think Like a Liberal

There is no sense in wishing for “how it ought to be.” The simple truth is that if you put 10 people on an island and gave them each 1/10 of the coconuts on that island, within months, the “coconut wealth” would be in the hands of a couple of them. Why? Because, like it or not, some people are smarter, and some will work harder. Thus has it always been, thus shall it always be. Simple observation confirms this.

This seems so obvious as to be axiomatic. I know it makes liberals howl to see it in print, but there you have it. Here are some hints on how to sound more like a liberal:

1. Call the government usurping people’s money an “investment” and pretend no one knows it’s really a tax.
2. Call a full-term, unborn human a “clump of cells” and pretend no one knows it’s really a baby.
3. Call the “fairness doctrine” a protection of free speech, and pretend no one knows it’s exactly the opposite.
4. Call the filibuster a “threat to democracy” and pretend no one remembers how fond you were of during the Bush presidency.
5. Call abstinence “useless in preventing pregnancy” and pretend no one knows how breathtakingly stupid you are.
6. Build an entire economic platform on “soaking the rich” and pretend no one knows that by rich, you mean anyone better off than you.

Finally, since the very act of being a liberal will make you hackneyed, trite and laughable, find a post somewhere like Oregon Live you can just imitate and pretend no one notices you are, well….a liberal.

Of course if you really want to be a liberal you have to be out of your mind. Tomorrow is Tea Party Day and if you are a Marxist lefty then I’m sure you’re perplexed at this grass roots revolution that will put you on the scrapheap of history, and prove once and for all, that your Marxist ideology is, has, and always will be a failure.

If you knew anything about the Tea Party People, you’d know that are non-violent, peaceful people who value the US Constitution, and are willing to stand up in opposition to a verminous Obama Administration that threatens our rights and liberties. If they are “wailing”…it is their right to do so in defense of liberty.
Dissent is part of our American way, as long as it is peaceful and doesn’t interfere with the rights of others.


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