Bend, Twist and Contort the Facts Into A Pretty Little Ball of "Blame Bush"

Obama is not the Messiah…Obama, like the rest of his party, is an ideologue who doesn’t understand or particularly like the free market. He fundamentally believes in the efficacy of the welfare state, whether the beneficiary is a layabout single mother or a rich Wall Street banker. He appoints a pay czar to keep a lid on out-of-control bonuses for his Wall Street buddies then most recently swears his oath to the free market when those big bonuses of 9 and 16 million are going to two of his friends.

He recently hijacked a press briefing; to showcase his ignorance on business, small businesses explained to him why they’re hurting, and he tells them they’re wrong! Good thinking Barrack! Don’t forget people… Obama have never ever done anything in the private sector at all. He’s never had to balance a budget or meet payroll in his whole life.

“A reporter said to Obama: Small businesses aren’t expanding or hiring because they don’t know what costs they face down the road with legislation, tax hikes, Obamacare, cap-and-tax, etc. And Obama said: No, no! That’s not at all it! You can’t get loans.” Good thinking Barrack! (NOT!)

But, let’s talk about his budget deficits that he keeps trying to slide into Bush’s pocket:

1) Democrats controlled Congress for the last 3 1/2 years…
2) Congress controls the purse strings that are the only entity that can spend our money… hello Gene? Are you still with me?
But let’s assume that it’s all Bush’s fault and look at Obama’s first budget are we having to notice that on this budget alone the deficit increases by $1.6 trillion. 1.6 trillion just this year! Obama’s budget is basically his confession that he will keep us at unheard of deficits throughout his presidency’… We can’t afford it! Obama is not only a fool he is a tool. Anyone who watched Obama getting dressed down by the Republicans and thought he was watching a TKO by Obama needs help! When he was pressed on some of the lies he has been telling…like ” what happened to transparency and healthcare debate on C-SPAN?” He simply resorted to what he does best…. and lied…again. Even during his State of the Union address the historically reserved Supreme Court justices couldn’t stop themselves from calling him a liar even if you was just silently under their own breath. Mr. Lyons’s statement that new spending by Mr. Obama amounts for less than 10% of his budget of 3.7 trillion is an absolute lie!! That’s a lie it’s a huge fat lie and nobody called him on it. The $800 billion stimulus is way more than 10% of the budget and once again let’s not forget the left has controlled both houses of Congress for 3 1/2 years and only Congress can spend money.

His last statement that millionaires get tax breaks and we get the bill is crap as measures 66 and 67 in Oregon made abundantly clear. If history has taught us anything it’s that when you raise the tax rate on the rich you drive the money underground and get 100% of nothing. Oprah Winfrey monitors how many days she spends in California at her mansion so that she doesn’t have to be considered a resident. Millionaires don’t get tax breaks or just smarter with their money and take advantage of other options that don’t include paying for free cheese for fat meth addicted welfare mothers. When is everybody going to wake up? There is no better example of left wing lunacy and the middle-class taxpayers picking up the tab for the bad wagers of the wealthiest Americans then we see with Obama’s continuing the policy of the left to bail out Wall Street. They did it with the Mexican bonds they did it with the Russian bonds and now they’re doing it and have done it again you want facts are you go:

When the government steps in to save the very financial institutions that poisoned the nation’s financial system with contaminated securities and derivatives — all while the bankers get to keep the fees and bonuses on their bad bets — we are not talking about a free market.

We’re talking about regular Americans being forced to foot the bill for the gambling habits of left-wing multimillionaires by buying the malefactors more chips every time they lose.There’s nothing wrong with taking risks and making bets, provided that if you bet wrong or if you bankrupt your betting partner with wild gambles: You lose.

The problem was that Goldman and AIG, among many others, knew they wouldn’t lose. Twenty years of Democratic bailouts have led them to understand that when their bets go bad, the taxpayer will save them.Barack Obama says he’s not a Bolshevik or an ideologue. That leaves one other possibility. He’s an idiot.


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