A Word on Tolerance and the Intolerant

I have encountered more intolerance as a somewhat vocal Portland area conservative Republican female, than any gay man, black man or woman could ever imagine having to put up with. I have always believed that some of the biggest racists in the world today are members of the so called racial minority what I do know for sure is that the most intolerant people in this state are those that preach the hardest for the tolerance of others. Want to see intolerance in its ugliest form …go see Ann Coulter speak at a university. Anti-gay marriage and can explain why? Give it a minute and wait for the chorus of name callers and intolerant lefties trying to shame you into selling out on an important social institution. One of the other posters started to question if it might have been the internet …cable news or talk radio that has caused all of this intolerance…??? Huh? In other words could it possibly have been the advent of news and opinion sources not controlled by the main stream liberal media that has caused right wing intolerance. NO! This country as a whole is just right of center all those alternative news sources did was provide a place where the views of the majority of Americans could hear viewpoints that most closely matched their own. William F Buckley said it best when he said:” “Liberals claim to want to give a hearing to other views, but then are shocked and offended to discover that there are other views.”
The views you see as “intolerant” are actually the same views that a majority of Americans have held for a very long time calling them intolerant not only belies your prejudice but it’s also intellectually dishonest. Those views are just different from your own. We all tolerate each other and each other’s views. In the case of things like gay marriage …it’s not the religious right who stands alone on this topic …it’s the majority of Americans. Those same people have tolerated gays and their viewpoints for a long longtime …they also weren’t the people who were trying to change an important social institution…the GLBTG (?) would get alot further in their agenda if they would stop being intolerant of the views of

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